A Simple Tutorial to Get New Users up to Speed in modo. If not, it is recommended users read up on the interface page of the documentation to get an. Explore Tanita Datsenko’s board “Luxology Modo 3D” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Modeling, 3d tutorial and Models. It makes a lot of use of Pixar subdivision which is only available in Modo or later. Find this Pin and more on. An official video tutorials by Luxology where James Darknell xplains how to add dynamics in MODO to a car model, creating a hinge with a motor and.

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This is done through the application of a selection. I would like to try and help you better understand.

Modo Creative 3D Modeling Software | Foundry

This can be moddo easily using the interactive handle when the ‘Negative Scale’ option is disabled in the tools properties panel. Toggle into ‘Polygons’ mode, and select the polygons flanking the edges you just scaled using the methods you learned above.

We want a 2mm bevel value with a ‘Round Level of ‘1’ as illustrated below.

We’ll do this by using the ‘Loop Slice’ tool. We’ll be working in the ‘Model’ tab of the default interface which provides a large Perspective view of the so far empty scene. This can be done by selecting the luxokogy button that says ‘Advanced OpenGL’ and from the menu, select ‘Wireframe’.

Sign in to add comments and rate this page. Haus70 October 2, at 9: It is like butter on the fingers.

luxolkgy MutantPixel January 3, at 8: Edge Bevel tool icon. To the right of the modes tool bar is the ‘Action Center’ selector button. Holding down the ‘Ctrl’ key changes the ‘Edges’ selection mode button into a convert to ‘Boundary’ button.


I’ve read it 50 times now, and see nothing I’m doing wrong? Modeling is best accomplished, not surprisingly, using the ‘Model’ or ‘Model Quad’ interface, both are identical except for the arrangement of the 3D viewports.

If not, try one of the other views, such as ‘Left’ or ‘Right’. We’ll also use another modo selection shortcut to make quick work of this edit. Next mido, it is necessary to bevel the same polygon again, but further editing of the handles will simply modify the initial bevel unless the tool is dropped and reactivated. This is helpful for when a lot of polygons need to be selected, or you don’t have a tutkrials view of what is to be selected.

Pressing and holding the MMB, as you drag the mouse you will draw a line on the screen, this is the lasso that selects the polygons. Calamari December 27, at 6: With the two polygons now selected, press ‘E’ to activate the ‘Rotate’ tool, and using the round handle for the ‘Z’ axis blue circle rotate the polygons to face upward 20 degrees.

Yes, exactly, that is the step. Either the text and the image just don’t match or we belong to the dunces of this earth It just did not work for me and I am a person who thtorials things in no time.

Where things went wrong – I re-read and discovered I had not followed the instructions in the first place.

modo Inline Help System

Now to make the selection. Then, under the ‘Deform’ subtab of the toolbox select the ‘Soft Move’ tool. Something you normally wouldn’t see until first proto, you can conceptualize in a sketch much earlier in the design process. Designer, New Balance The pace of design really increases using Modo.


Now that you understand the different lasso options, lets make the selection already. The Bridge tool works by connecting groups of polygons, so the lower group will connect with the upper group. Hutorials this second section, you’re learned about slicing geometry, adding edges to use for additional modeling tasks, using some more advanced tools, moso ‘Bridge’ and had some basic experience with using a falloff to deform the handle, also some additional shortcuts to use when selecting geometry and what an implied selection is.

The selection is no longer necessary either, that can be dropped by next pressing the ‘Esc’ key. MutantPixel January 27, at 3: Once lusology tool is inactive referred to as dropped interactive editing will no longer be possible, so you want to keep your tool in the active state until you have the shape the way you want it.


We notice you are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer.

Press ‘Q’ now to drop the tool. Buy Try for free. Activate the ‘Scale’ tool, this can be done by pressing the icon in the interface, but being such a commonly used function, it has a keyboard shortcut ‘R’. Next, switch lluxology the ‘Front’ view back to the ‘Perspective’ view to make the last edit.