Vocabulary from C. A. E. Luschnig’s “An Introduction to Ancient Greek” (2nd ed.), the textbook used by undergraduates at St. John’s College. Lessons follow. To that end I’ve picked up Luschnig’s Introduction Ancient Greek: A Literary But I’m having trouble finding something that uses Luschnig. C.A.E. Luschnig, An Introduction to Ancient Greek: A Literary Approach. Second edition, revised by C.A.E. Luschnig and Deborah Mitchell.

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An Introduction to Ancient Greek: A Literary Approach

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Books Available for Luschnih. The total amount of hours needed to achieve proficiency in Greek does not change. A Literary Approach over Christmas.

The appearance of imperatives and vocatives at the tail end of the text is odd, too, given that L. Andronikos rated it liked it Jul 21, Finally, Lesson 14 adds on the imperative mood and the vocative case.

Popular passages Page 14 – The fewer and shorter the forms, the better; the analytic structure of modern European languages is so far from being a drawback to them that it gives them an unimpeachable superiority over the earlier stages of the same languages.

The examples are fun and excerpts from ancient authors are cool. Another gives an overview of syntax. Luschnig’s An Introduction to Ancient Greek: It is supported by a Web site for teachers and learners at http: William rated it liked it Dec 02, I’m just thinking that there seems to be more general and autodidact materials for learning Latin, as well as larger online communities, and the general consensus is that Latin is easier to learn.


One appendix gathers together paradigms and principal parts. Nothing will stop you colder in your tracks than not understanding a grammatical construct, especially as an autodidact, where it’s easier to give up than it is to push on because you’re threatened with lucshnig bad grade.

Want to Read saving…. However, it is more useful as a guide to write and read the language, rather than speaking it.

Luschnig’s An Introduction to Ancient Greek

Luschnig’s excellent An Introduction to Ancient Greek offers a thorough and clear account of grammar and syntax, lyschnig exercises for practice, and a wonderful array of brief passages from ancient authors for translation and discussion. Submit a new link. Most of what I’ve read internet-wise seems to indicate that the prospects of successful self-study of Classical Greek are fairly low. R rated it liked it Apr 04, Mostly these are gnomic utterances from Menander, philosophers, or lischnig tragedians.

Too often, I cannot help but feel that her explications are clever, but not helpful. A Literary Approach C.

beginning autodidactical Greek study with Luschnig? : AncientGreek

We invite discussion about topics as diverse as Homeric lucshnig, papyrology, biblical interpretation, and grammatical analysis, but luschbig of the related subreddits see below may be more appropriate for certain questions. The book is relatively not very thick, meaning easy to carry, yet densely packed with materials.

If you don’t understand what subjunctive moods, or participles, or gerunds are in English, it will be made quadruply hard in ancient Greek. A certain degree of carelessness is also evident. This also, like memorization, can not be worked around. Because otherwise, you’re exercising for exercise itself. For this, the best remedy is to hire a tutor.


World Wide Greek Home – Official site for “An Introduction to Ancient Greek, A Literary Approach”

Xinxiong rated it it was amazing Jan 25, Each lesson then features a Readings section, consisting of quotations from classical authors. I do not see reading real Greek quotations from day one as an advantage.

Unsurprisingly, the numbers barely appear in the readings, but numbers are presented again in Lesson 10 pp. I know this may not the most helpful thing, but just something to consider, perhaps. But Luschnig seemed tidy, complete, well-reviewed, and not overlong. The instruction is more detailed and you grerk eased into reading somewhat simplified texts at the beginning, then moved towards real Greek texts as you learn.

Goodreads grefk the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.

My advice would be not to worry about failure or about “finishing” learning the language, just focus on learning a little bit more each day. Open Preview Luschhig a Problem? Even as you slowly advance in Greek, open up that book every so often, and try to read a little more of the book.