Implementación de la ley forestal y de fauna silvestre caso de Ucayali en período / Lissette Canseco Puelles.() /SD P4 C Currently the Peruvian legislation regarding forest animals is mainly contained in the Ley Forestal y de Fauna Silvestre N° , introduced in , which. Ley , Ley de Transparencia y Acceso a la Información Pública Wildlife Law Ley , Ley del Canon / Canon Law Ley , Ley Forestal y de Fauna .

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Illegal logging, collusive corruption and fragmented governments in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Our analysis indicates that logging is not contained to delimited concessions and continues to threaten all forested areas, including protected areas and indigenous territories.

Volume non-cedar documented in Balance of Extraction not from concession unit.

See text for category explanations. These GTFs are used to create a Balance of Extraction, which works as a type of debit system for monitoring the volume of each species extracted that year from each parcel However, the new Forestry Law maintains the same general logging concession system that is the subject of this study.

Active – not Supervised Vigente. Allocating logging rights in Peruvian Amazonia–does it matter to be local? Promote timber extraction through a third party.

Decreto Legislativo Nº – Ley Forestal y de Fauna Silvestre.

Matt Finera, 1, 2 Clinton N. Instead, they become a tradable item and enable loggers to launder timber extracted outside of authorized areas Failure to comply with established harvesting methods.


This means that forextal practice the transport permits GTFs are not linked to the concession area in question. The majority of logging concessions are enabling illegal logging outside the approved concession area.

Another common problem was that the extracted trees documented in the Balance of Extraction were not actually extracted from the indicated parcel.

Status of logging concessions in the Peruvian Amazon. This concept assumes that leey logged concessions can maintain forest cover across the landscape better than other land uses, such as agriculture. This framework features a General Forest Management Plan hereafter PGMF for the Spanish acronymwhereby the concessionaire projects what trees they expect to extract over the next five years, and a more detailed Annual Operating Plan hereafter POA for the Spanish acronym for each year of operation In particular, illegal logging is widespread throughout the tropics, and corruption is a commonly cited cause 34567 forestak, 8.

leyy In summary, we find that the following scenario is common: A GTF includes information regarding the species, volume, and place of origin of the transported material. However, comprehensive and quantitative analyses of precisely how existing legal frameworks facilitate this illegal logging are rare.

Logging Concessions Enable Illegal Logging Crisis in the Peruvian Amazon

Until the legal system shifts the focus away from transit documents and towards verifying extraction of wood at the source and the subsequent chain of custody, widespread illegal logging will likely persist. Authorized timber non-cedar in the POA left standing.


For example, if the concessionaire harvested a tree, the inspector should find evidence, such as a freshly cut stump, at that location. Sustainable logging in the tropics is a 277308 cited goal at the international ofrestal, but has been difficult to achieve on the ground in all three major tropical forest regions 12. Land-use allocation protects the Peruvian Amazon.

ley forestal 27308 pdf

The Peruvian Amazon is an important arena in global efforts to promote sustainable logging in the tropics. This reconciliation centers on the prospect of combining protected areas with forest logging concessions to better conserve forest across a larger area than possible fotestal protected areas alone 28 Tropical timber rush in Peruvian Amazonia: Can forest conservation and logging be reconciled?

Violation Percent Illegal extraction of cedar Please review our privacy policy. Failure to present management plans within the established timeframe. The unobtained resolutions were for newly supervised forestxl and were emitted after we closed our data-collection process. Jenkins3, 4 Melissa A.