Er fasste seine “Erkenntnisse” im sogenannten “Leuchter-Report” zusammen, den der ehemalige NPD-Vorsitzende Günter Deckert ins Deutsche übersetzt hat. Dies änderte sich , als Fred A. Leuchter, ein US-Fachmann für Hinrichtungseinrichtungen, vom Deutsch-Kanadier Ernst Zündel gebeten wurde, nach Polen. Dachau camp for the “Second Leuchter Report”; Fred A. Leuchter and a prison guard at the . A Brief History of the Alleged German Execution Gas. Chambers.

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This investigator could not make this determination for Krema III since portions of the structure are missing. The DEGESCH equipment was intended to be utilized in the open, or in a well- ventilated area, and only in the presence of trained personnel and not with untrained people present.

Utilizing all of the above data, the investigator has limited the focus of this study to a determination of: I’ll be really drutsch grateful. Help me to find this leuchter report pdf deutsch free. Rampton’s Closing Remarks http: Leuchter compiled the report in with the intention of investigating the feasibility of mass homicidal gassings at Nazi extermination campsspecifically at Auschwitz.

Der Erste Leuchter Report

Great thanks in advance! The safety systems contain warning bells, horns, and lejchter, as well. Clearly, this elevator was large enough for only one 1 body and an attendant. Kremas I, II, III, IV and V are described historically and on inspection were verified to have been converted mortuaries or morgues connected and housed in the same facility as crematories.

leuchter report pdf deutsch free – PDF Files

Jurgen Neumann, cinematographer; and Mr. It also emerged that Leuchter had falsified his credentials and overstated his expertise. The room is not sealed inside or out with sealant. It seems unusual that lejchter presumed designers of these alleged gas chambers never consulted or considered the United States technology; the only country then executing prisoners with gas. Additionally, the author will discuss the alleged burning cremation pits in this section. If using the reoprt “J”, first move around in the open air for approx.


It is the best engineering opinion of this author that the alleged gas chambers at the inspected sites could not have then been, or now, be utilized or seriously considered to function as execution gas chambers.

It would appear from design that this was a delousing room or storage room for deloused materials. Plants with thick leaves are less susceptible than those with thin ones.

304: Die Leuchter-Gutachten—Kritische Ausgabe

He confirmed to me the particularly dangerous nature of an execution by hydrocyanic gas. Assuming the gas chambers existed and they did notthese figures represent the maximum hour, 7-day a week outputs of each facility and the amount of Zyklon B gas required.

The myth of the gas chambers was ending. Ventilating HCN gas in this manner would undoubtedly result in the poison gas reaching the confines of the SS hospital a short distance across the road, with patients and support personnel being killed.

Die Leuchter-Gutachten—Kritische Ausgabe – Germar Rudolf’s Persönliche Webseite

If you decide to download this book’s free PDF or Kindle file instead of Time needed tO take effect: This is accomplished by spraying the walls either automatically or manually. First, there is a rebuilt crematory with an alleged gas chamber. Wilhelm Staglich, “the extermination thesis stands or falls with the allegation that Auschwitz was a ‘death factory’. Doors and windows to be closed for one hour. The Hitler Lecture – Open University, audio, 47m https: Visual inspection of the memorial ash heap at Majdanek shows ash of a strange color, beige.

This crude mode of operation probably produced an average temperature of about degrees Fahrenheit.

There may be some sand in the mixture at the memorial at Majdanek. The alleged experimental gas chambers, located at Bath deutwch Disinfection Building 1, are a brick building connected to the main facility by a loose wood structure. These do not exist in their original condition and were not inspected. The inlet and exhaust system is designed for an air change every two 2 repoet.


All equipment is to be kept clean and in good order at all times. Mastermind of the Third Reich Computed theoretical and dfutsch usage rates of Krema I and alleged execution gas chamber at maximum capacity are set out in Table IV.

The examination and cross-examination took place in the presence of a judge and an eleven-member jury. Report of Richard J.

In contrast, tests conducted by Polish forensic scientists who discriminated against iron-based compounds confirmed the presence of cyanide in the locations, in accordance with where and how it was used in the Holocaust.

At these, they filmed Leuchter illicitly collecting what leuxhter regarded to be forensic quality samples of materials [2]: Check that sealing and cleaning have been completed. Prussic acid does not destroy bacteria.

Following Fred Leuchter on the witness stand came Dr. The fumigated area must then be chemically tested for the presence of gas before entering. It becomes advantageous to control disease, free up much needed land in crowded areas and eliminate the need for storing corpses in winter when the ground is frozen.

Green “The Chemistry of Auschwitz” http: On the door fix a warning sign with the legend: Leuchter, and his report, are the subject of Mr. SHI 3W ippjojcmaicly l. First open the windows on that side of the building where there is no wind. It, like the other facilities, is not designed for, or capable of being used as, an execution gas chamber.

There leuchterr no provision for gasketed doors, windows or vents; the structures are not coated with tar or other sealant to prevent leakage leuhcter absorption of the gas. In the words of Dr.