method of Nastaliq calligraphy teaching, learners are required to learn in In this paper, the Persian Nastaliq Calligraphy Intelligent Learning (PeNCIL) tool is. Here you can find lesson for calligraphy in nastaleeq font. Secondly Should Indians learn to write the Nastaliq script and Pakistanis learn to write Devnagari?. Struggling to read a page of calligraphy, the mind experiences When I picked up my first book to learn the script eight years ago, I felt.

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Learning Urdu is akin to time travel. In the process of learning Urdu, one can leaen sense the transformations the language has undergone through various time periods: Struggling to read a page of calligraphy, the mind experiences emotions that seem to correspond with this journey through time: Learning to read a new script is always a challenge. But in the case of Urdu, even more so.

With a form so malleable that it often succumbs to the whims of writers, calligraphers, and even painters, Nastaliq, as the script is called, is difficult to grasp lezrn beginners.

When I picked up my first book to learn the script eight years ago, I felt clueless. At first glance, Ali Taqi, who teaches Urdu at Zabaan, seems almost out of place.

Learning Nastaliq: A Journey through Time

The attire, the American accent, everything contradicts the image one might have of an Urdu teacher. But as soon as class starts, students are swept off their feet, almost literally. The aimless wanderings of the time traveller are immediately put to an end. Instead, she is transported back into the 21st century, learning one of the most complicated writing systems in the world in an elegant, chandelier-lit, carpet laid room from a person who is able to present the script in a systematic and scientific manner — and in perfect English.


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The tracks are laid and the train to Urdu literacy is set in motion. Before long, the destination that earlier seemed unattainable is now visible — and indeed is reached in just a few hours. Zabaan has been teaching Hindi, Urdu calligralhy many other Indian languages for over seven years in New Delhi.

I recently had one such experience at the Ghalib Institute in Central Delhi. This stately ochre building houses a beautiful diorama depicting a scene of the last mushairah in progress at the Red Fort before the mutiny. These lifelike figures, accompanied by an audio recording of the recitation of shayari in the background, leave a powerful impression indeed. Ghalib, as sculpted in the diorama, seems to be making a very important literary and philosophical point with his hand poised mid-air, his head tilted to one side, and his eyes focused on the object of his thought.

Perhaps this thought derives from a feeling that slowly morphs into an image in his mind, which he then visualises in the space before him calligtaphy translating it into words. Ghalib belonged to an age in which poetry was not an individual quest for truth or meaning, but rather an art with its own styles, techniques and vocabulary, practiced alongside peers. The works of Ghalib and many other writers fill the library of the Ghalib Institute. The staff is friendly and helpful and the time traveller feels right at home.


Anyone interested in the Urdu language and its literature is encouraged to join the course.

Learning Nastaliq: A Journey through Time – Zabaan Language Institute

This was an interesting article. It has some good information about the language learning process. Please add more such articles.

I have a word in nashtalik script inscribed on an item and need to translate it. Can you help me?

Nastaʿlīq – Wikipedia

I shall be thankful for the help extended and pay the fees if any. You can email an image of it to us at learn zabaan. Your email address will not be published. Ghalib Institute in New Delhi.

Diorama of the last mushairah.

Ghalib depicted in the Diorama at Ghalib Institute. Ghalib with his student Munshi Hargopal Tufta. Naila Qadir on August 23, at ldarn Ashish Kumar on March 14, at Zabaan on June 19, at 5: Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.