in this Service Manual, the bolts, nuts, or screws must be tightened in the KLXR. Kawasaki. Motorcycle. Service Manual. Supplement. All rights reserved. Where can I download a Kawasaki owners manual? – right here. Kawasaki service manual not available. KLXR – KLX KLX Service Manual – OK, good news guys and girls. Just finished running the manuals through my OCR program for.

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Join Date mankal January – Manual KLX Anyone know where to look up or find service manual etc for said bike?? How does one lubricate??

Pull it apart every time?? How many hours will a oil filter be good enough for while just plain sailing trail use?? Plus many other points will be needed in future, Cheers. Join Date 17th November – Ride as often as possible and try not to think about it”.

Join Date 2nd August – Join Date 2nd April – Originally Posted by pete. Downloaded that file, some good pics of that guy doing the work. Full on mission to get to swingarm grease points!!

Most other bikes have grease nipples!! K,x300r do you reckon about chopping out the mesh filter inside airbox?? Or even elargening the intake slot on the manuxl lid??? Join Date 4th April – KLX maintenance Hey there Dirka. See photos of some mods I did to my 05 KLX.

Just sold the bike I changed oil filter every second oil change. All linkages were well greased by prev owner. Swingarm had never been off but was still very well greased from new. Bearing excellent but was loose on shaft rusty and stodgy – exposed to lots of water etc.


If yours is loose suggest using some brass shim. If I intended to keep bike would have fitted grease nipples. Used Moreys Super Red grease ordered from Repco.

2004 Kawasaki KLX300R — Owner’s Manual

Super tacky and stringy and well waterproof. I love this stuff.

I wouldn’t cut the backfire screen out. Best first mod thing to do is get a bigger header pipe and open up airbox top. Stock filter is nice and thick but a power thief.

KLX KLX Kawasaki Online Motorcycle Service Manual – Cyclepedia

Rather than chop up stock airbox lid I made an open topped one out of MDF painted with tough and flexible bumper paint. Made a prefilter to keep mud splash off air filter. Added Dynojet carb kit as well. All up mods gave better throttle response and healthier bottom manuql pep.

2006 Kawasaki KLX300R — Owner’s Manual

Measure kanual cut to fit for accurate alignment. Slot tets water onto bearing which stuffs it real quick. Much, much easier than fitting new bearing mahual me. My KLX stopping jumping out of gear and shifted a lot smoother after I did the Stroker shift star mod.

Stroker out of biz so did mod myself. The big KLX curse is the dreaded kick start idle gear. I thought they had sorted this on newer bikes but saw a brand new KLX bust its idler a few months ago.

Can be very nasty. For others looking for KLX manual I found this link to online manual but never tried it. Big file, 15Mb KLX manual http: Originally Posted by Dirka. Join Date 9th May – I had one an 05 i binned the air box lid and put an aftermarket header and muffler on it from custom chambers in east tamaki.


The header made a good increase in power as stock header is restrictive. I know an old chap done a couple isde’s that has one and loves it he has raised his pegs as theyre stump eaters and has added a home made hot start quite trick.

Ill get more power when im out-riding the power ive got im still new to this bike Carb will be last on my list i think. The “pre filter” to prevent mud will be great idea in combo with lid chop.

Grease nipple will be top of list for me, along with breather pipe and that steering lock block. How hard is it to get to shift star?? Join Date 8th January – Shift star is behind the small cover bottom left of engine, gearshift shaft goes out of it. It’s easy to get at and work on. I Was a bit dubious about doing the mod at first but the little bastard jumping out of gear was bad news. If you didn’t want to modify the shift star you could just add the dowell onto the spring to sort jumping out of gear but you won’t get the smoother shifting.

Was surprised how well it all worked, very worth while for effort involved. Anyone needing specifics or pics let me know Ill share the knowledge. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

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