The book was originally known as Risaliy-i-Khal, Epistle to the Uncle, and later entitled by Bahá’u’lláh Himself as the Kitáb-i-Íqán. Translation into English. Examination of the Bible in light of interpretations of its symbolism offered by Baha’u’llah’s Kitab-i-Iqan. The Book of Certitude (Kitab-i Iqan) is the preeminent doctrinal work of the Bahá’í Faith. Mirza Husayn `Ali Nuri, Bahá’u’lláh (), the author, later.

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If such things be revealed in this Dispensation, and such incidents come iqn pass, at the present time, what would the people do? Sep 07, Tricia Hague-Blackford added it Recommends it for: The traditions and sayings that bear direct reference kiatb Our theme are divers and manifold; We have refrained from quoting them for the sake of brevity. Know, therefore, O questioning seeker, that earthly sovereignty is of no worth, nor will it ever be, in the eyes of God and His chosen Ones.

Once established, a dogmatic religion cannot countenance a departure from its rule set without ceasing to exist by definition. Privacy Policy Add Comment.

At last from the depth of His being He cried aloud: The beauty of litab countenance is but a reflection of His image, and their revelation a sign of His deathless glory. And yet, that expectant community still crieth out: It groweth everlastingly from the tree of grace; it descendeth at all seasons from the heavens of justice and mercy.

Hast thou not heard how with one single verse He hath sundered light from darkness, the righteous iqqn the ungodly, and the believing from the infidel?

From the garden of whose soul will the blossoms of the invisible realities spring forth? How grievous the charges brought against Him! The Book of Certitude3rd ed.

Even as He hath revealed:.

To this beareth witness the text of the sacred verse wherein it is mentioned that after Mary had given birth to Jesus, she bemoaned her plight and cried out: Return to Book Page.

How abundant the thorns and briars which they have strewn over His path! Some for the lust of leadership, others through want of knowledge and understanding, have been the cause of the deprivation of the people.

In like manner, strive thou to comprehend from these lucid, these powerful, conclusive, and unequivocal statements the meaning of the “cleaving of the heaven”—one of the signs that must needs herald the coming of the last Hour, the Day of Resurrection. And when the warning: The following is an evidence of the sovereignty exercised by Muhammad, the Day-star of Truth.


That spiritual ascendency, however, which is primarily intended, resideth within, and revolveth around Them from eternity even unto eternity. Were men to meditate upon the lives of the Prophets of old, so easily would they come to know and understand the ways of these Prophets that they would cease to be veiled by such deeds and words as are contrary to their own worldly desires, and thus consume every intervening veil with the fire burning in the Bush of divine knowledge, and abide secure upon the throne of peace and certitude.

Are they not still the victims of the fierce opposition of their enemies?

Kitáb-i-Íqán – Wikipedia

A lot of that went over my head. In like manner, two of the people of Kufih went to Ali, the Commander of the Faithful.

And how fierce that torment if the divines of the age be its chief instigators, if they denounce Him to their followers, cast Him out from their midst, and declare Him a miscreant!

The people have always busied themselves with such specious discourses, vainly protesting: Yea “corruption” of the text, in the sense We have referred to, hath been actually effected in particular instances.

By their sanction and authority, every Prophet of God hath drunk from the chalice of sacrifice, and winged His flight unto the heights of glory. A number of the divines, who hold firmly to the letter of the Word of God, have come to regard this verse as one of the signs of that expected resurrection which is born of their idle fancy. Can the lowly dust compare with Him Who is the Lord of Lords?

Behold, all the people are imprisoned within the tomb of self, and lie buried beneath the nethermost depths of worldly desire! They deprive themselves of the regenerating Spirit of God that breathed into it, and foolishly expect to hear the trumpet-sound of the Seraph of God who is but one of His servants! As to the words—”Immediately after the oppression of those days”—they refer to the time when men shall become oppressed and afflicted, the time when the lingering traces of the Sun of Truth and the fruit of the Tree of knowledge and wisdom will have vanished from the midst of men, when the reins of mankind will have fallen into the grasp of the foolish and ignorant, when the portals of divine unity and understanding—the essential and highest purpose in creation—will have been closed, when certain knowledge will have given way to idle fancy, and corruption will have usurped the station of righteousness.


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Behold how contrary are the ways of the Manifestations of God, as ordained by the King of creation, to the ways and desires of men! Why repel believers from the way of God?

In truth God guideth not him who is a transgressor, a liar. Verily, God caused not this turmoil but to test and prove His servants. Kitqb now ponder in thy heart the commotion which God stirreth up. Moreover, it is not Our wish to relate the stories of the days that are past. To this testify the records of the sacred books.

Syllabus for A Study of Baha’u’llah’s Kitab-i-Iqan, The Book of Certitude

For, verily, powerful is He, the King of divine might, to extinguish with one letter of His wondrous words, the breath of life in the whole of the Bayan and the people thereof, and with one letter bestow upon iqah a new and everlasting life, and cause them to arise and speed out of the sepulchres of their vain and selfish desires.

In other instances, they have idly contended that whereas the Day of Judgment is inevitable, it hath therefore been referred to as an event not of the future but of the past. Consequently, the application of the terms “sun” and “moon” to the things already mentioned hath been demonstrated and justified by the text of the sacred verses and the recorded traditions.

In yet another instance, He saith: How well hath a believer of the kindred of Pharaoh, whose story is recounted by the All-Glorious iqzn His Book revealed unto His beloved One, observed: