Buy the JVC RMLP55U RM-LP55U at Full Compass. The JVC RM-LP55U is a remote control unit for KY-F55BU 3-CCD All-Purpose Color Camera (Less Lens). Effective March 1, JVC Professional Products Company is offering to extend the Manufacturer’s Warranty to 3 years (parts & labor) at no charge on the. Only when the frame rate of the [ SlotA_B Frame & Bit Rate] and [ SlotB_B Frame & Bit Rate] items in the [Record Format] menu of the camera recorder is set to.

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Connect the remote cable of the remote control unit to the [REMOTE1] terminal located at the terminal section of this camera recorder. For details on the functions operable from the remote control unit, please refer to Functions Operable from the Remote Control Unit. When the switches of the camera recorder and remote control unit are operated at the same time, the switch operation of the remote control unit takes priority over that of the camera recorder.


While the camera recorder is in the Media mode, the Auto White Balance feature does not function even if you operate it from the remote control unit. When the H phase is set using a remote control unit, only the H phase of the SD signal is activated. When setting the H Phase using a remote control unit, any value beyond the setting range in the menu of the camera recorder cannot be set. The switch functions of the camera recorder can be configured using the remote control unit.

Remote control units supported: Connect the remote control unit to the camera recorder. Turn off the power of the camera recorder when connecting a remote control unit.

JVC Rm-lp55u Full Function Hand Held Remote for Ky-f32u and Ky-f55u CCD Cameras

Turn on the power of the camera recorder. Set the operate switch of the remote control unit to ON.

Focus and zoom operations cannot be performed using the remote control unit. The shutter speed may vary slightly from the value displayed on the camera recorder.


Attaching the Lens Supplied. Adjusting the Grip Belt. Adjusting the Focus by Face Detection. Using the Image Stabilizer. Recording Simultaneously at Two Different Definitions.

Functions Operable from the Remote Control Unit

Selecting and Performing Operations on Multiple Clips. Menu Rm-lp55j and Detailed Settings. Basic Operations in Menu Screen. Display Screen in Camera Mode. Marker and Safety Zone Displays. Inputting External Synchronizing Signals Genlock. Displaying Return Videos from an External Device.

Connecting to the Network.


Functions of Network Connection. Changing the Settings via a Web Browser. Managing the Network Connection Settings File. Error Messages and Actions.