A documented record of the Foundations of the Christian Religions. Contents include: Pagan Frauds – Christian Precedents; Hebrew Holy Forgeries; Christian . Joseph Wheless (Montgomery County, Tennessee ) was an American lawyer who According to Wheless not only had no one called Jesus ever lived, but Christianity and the Bible are based on deliberate fraud, Works[edit]. Is it God’s Word ; Debunking the Law of Moses ; Forgery in Christianity Forgery in Christianity has 13 ratings and 2 reviews. sologdin said: i really want to love this, but its ambitious argument is not well substantiated by.

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What, you ask, is the drift of all this?

Forgery In Christianity

Language is extreme, and men may make reservations without being fraudulent, but the basic facts are correct. He is referrring to the scripture. Be not a declaimer or a ranter, one who gabbles without rhyme or reason; but shew yourself skilled in the deep things and versed in the mysteries of God.

When a religious view is contradicted by a well-established scientific fact, then the sources of revelation have to be re-examined, and they will be found to leave the question open. Of course these figures are only a guide. I have chosen to terminate my reading of this book so as not to cloud my information. Toussaint L Overstand added it Sep 07, Eusebius himself fraudulently “subscribed to the [Trinitarian] Creed formed by the Council of Nicea, but making no secret, in the letter which he wrote to his own Church, of the non-natural sense in which he accepted it.

Aug 27, John rated it it was ok. Others surmise that the body which the Son of God was destined to take of Mary was the image of the Creator. His mother Myra McCall, died when he was young, and his brothers and sisters were by his father’s second wife.


This file, its printout, or copies of either are to be copied and given away, but NOT sold.

Joseph Wheless

Are they devoid of artifice? Anton Klink marked it as to-read Jun 15, But the method was a dangerous one; in thus seeking harmony between the two doctrines he thought too easily to find Christianity in Plato, or Platonism in the Gospel.

Andy added it Oct 17, Quite why this is unreasonable, Wheless does not say. Augustine, about A.

A specialist in South American law, he was also for some time an instructor in military jurisprudence at the University of Arkansas and a major in the Judge Advocate General’s Department. Augustine defends the idea that it is not a lie to e. Various words have been modified, so it isn’t a true quotation, but these changes by Wheless do not seem to much affect the sense.

However I forgefy that a great many people presume that Wheless can be relied on for quotations from the Fathers. Assurance often explains that of which it knows nothing; and when it has convinced others imposes on itself. The purpose of the book was to provide a reference collection of embarassing quotations from Christian authors, and particularly the fathers:.

The Logic of Miracles — Part 4: The book is online here. For his writing on religious topics, he received the honorary DD from the University of Denver.

He turns his back upon his foe only to overcome him; he simulates flight, but only that he may slay. It’s mentioned in passing in the middle of a passage as vehement as possible in the opposite direction.

Joseph Wheless – Wikipedia

The great Church Father, Bishop St. This is an absolute must-read for anyone looking for ammunition to counter the argument that the longevity of Christianity is evidence of its legitimacy. But he is in fact reiterating the common patristic defense against perversion of the scriptures by heretics see Tertullian, De josepu haereticorumfor a full exposition by referring back to the churches founded by the apostles and the common doctrine taught by them he is NOT, of course, articulating the position of the Council of Trent.


You are indignant with me because I have merely silenced Jovinian and not instructed him. Fields out of his home in Kentucky.

However Augustine did say something like this, in Contra epistolam Manichaei quam vocant fundamenti liber I. Maia Donachy marked it as to-read Jun 12, Firstly, Augustine wrote 3 different works De Genesi: Steve Dustcircle marked it as to-read May 10, Wheeler marked it as to-read Mar 19, After some delay Eusebius subscribed to the uncompromising creed drawn up by the council, making no secret, in the letter which he wrote to his own Church, of the non-natural sense in which he accepted it.

Forgery in Christianity by Joseph Wheless

In any case, download times tend to be shorter, and modems and servers faster, than they were. This is indeed what Gibbon says, and Wheless repeats it in good faith. Here are found rubies and emeralds, glowing pearls and gems of the first water, such as high born ladies passionately desire. This work, says Bishop Wordsworth, “is a protest against these ‘pious frauds’ which have brought discredit and damage forgerj the cause of the Gospel, and have created prejudice against it, from the days of Augustine wheless our own times.

If you have such books please contact us, we need to give them back to America. As such, Wheless has imposed his own agenda onto a passage which is about something else. Quid tam divinum autem quam adflatus e terra mentem ita movens ut eam providam rerum futurarum efficiat, ut ea non modo cernat multo ante, sed etiam numero versuque pronuntiet?