Editorial Reviews. Review. Product Description. Jack Holloway works alone, for Fuzzy Nation – Kindle edition by John Scalzi. Download it once . Fuzzy Nation seeks to bring a 21st century storytelling sensibility to a half-century -old genre classic, and it succeeds far more wildly than I imagine even John. Yes, Fuzzy Nation is a book that is a reimagining of story and events of .. John – I read online elsewhere that Fuzzy Nation is actually in the.

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Thanks for the concise explanation. Movies get remade, usually badly, all the time. But the meat of the plot will be more appreciated by contemporary readers, I think, because it’s informed by a current understanding of politics, law, and economics that makes the primary conflict far more realistic and consistently suspenseful.

So let that be take-home lesson number one: Scalzi has written fanfic. There are already two books about Fuzzies written by H. In my opinion that has a complicating effect which was most easily resolved by working with the rights holders, rather than fighting them about it.

Fiction Book Review: Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi. Tor, $ (p) ISBN

While not immoral, he spends his time acting in his own best interest and is unconcerned about breaking rules or telling the occasional fib in order to get his way. With this book, though, there was none of that stalling.


Whatever my teacher may have actually thought about my silly heroine she never said. No, there is no plagiarism involved here.

Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi

You can read why I came to this decision here. Hundreds of miles from ZaraCorp’s headquarters fhzzy planet, light-years from the corporation’s headquarters on Earth, Jack is content as an independent contractor, prospecting and surveying natoin his own pace. Specifically, Fuzzy Nation appropriates the general story arc of Little Fuzzyas well as character names and plot elements, and weds them jjohn entirely new elements, characters, and events.

The Fuzzys are discovered but it’s unknown if they are really cute, intelligent animals or if they are this planet’s version of Neanderthal. The fuzzles are somewhat different as well, with much less direct interaction with the other characters until the end of the book, making them much less of a fun feature in this book and my only real disappointment.

Fuzzy Nation

He johj the law from his former career as a lawyer before he punched a client whom he believed deserved it to persuade the contracting firm Zaracorp’s manager that the sunstones are now by rights his and the manager fuzyz to a rider to his contract to grant him a greater share of the spoils.

His emotions toward the end of the story were well done. There is an animal factor to this plot along with the fuzzies that makes it all cute.


John Scalzi has accomplished that rarest of achievements, not only modernizing an idea and freshening it for a new generational audience, but also making it better. FES is a continuation of what Piper did before he died, not a reboot or re-imagining. And that suggestion is corrosive. Good to stay on top of it like this. I read alot of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Followed by its family. I am giving this one five stars because it was funny, very entertaining and all in all an excellent read!

Dear everyone with issues: We are known to be destroyers of things so what about our preservation nature?

Jun 19, Rich rated it did not like it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, and Scalzi felt that Piper’s world was good enough and interesting enough that it deserved to be re-introduced to a modern audience who might not otherwise know about it. He’s antagonistic and kind of slimy. Jeff — Work in something about stealing from widows and orphans, adds depravity to the menace.

Hadn’t I been writing it in my head already during my daydreaming? Once upon a time, there was a man named H. This is decidedly not the case.