Buried Prey has ratings and reviews. Kemper said: In the best of the John Sandford’s Prey novels, there are usually two or three scenes wher. Lucas is lucky in his friends and his wife when they take steps to protect him, for they’re not sure they can trust Lucas with his life. Loved that. The Twenty-first book in John Sandford’s ‘Prey’ series.

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Dec 03, Kemper rated it really liked it Shelves: A saandford comes in about a Robert Sherman. I’m not sure at this point how many Davenport novels Sanford is up to, but it’s probably close to or even more than The start of the book is the present, as a construction site yields up two skeletons of young girls. Pages with related products.

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Sanford brings us back to the late 80s when Davenport was new to the force and sanvford young sisters go missing. His writing and the appeal of his lead character are as fresh as ever.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Pedophilia, child murders Compelling and depressing John Sandford is a must buy, must read author. Inspired by Your Browsing History. I think I just like that way of looking at life – if you’d just done one thing differently or made zandford decision a different way, how would things have played out?

Weather Karkinnen is his wife and a plastic surgeon we first met her in Winter Prey5. Then, back to present day and the pursuit of the killer.

Part two of the book brings us to present day. Gerald Taski is the lab director with ground-breaking DNA results. I would highly recommend this to any crime drama fan Apr 26, Minutes.



Justice Johnson is a wife beater. InDavenport was a young cop with a reputation for recklessness, and the girls’ disappearance was a big deal. She has a boyfriend, Rick?? John Retrief is an imaging expert.

The second half of the book brings you back to the present day when the investigation is re-opened after the bodies of the girls are found and suggest that there could have been some errors during the initial investigation. When a whole block is torn down in central Minneapolis to make way for a new housing development, an unpleasant surprise is unearthed.

Lucas is smart and tough as bburied as a master manipulator with a natural feel for media and politics that helps him make his bosses look good, but what he really lives for are the cases that allowed him to hunt the worst kinds of killers.

As is the buriex minted Detective Harrison Sloan who’s married with two girls. But once you start it, you won’t put it down and you’ll never forget it. Nathan Dunn was sandfoed good Samaritan who picked Kelly up off the road. Believable characters with distinct personalities. View all 8 comments. Politics, egos and attitudes played a big part in the wrongful buriied that a homeless guy in the area at the time was the killer.

The novel is divided into two parts, past and present, and I have to say that I loved revisiting the characters and relationships that made me fall in love with Sandford in the first place. Officer Ted Hughes was part of the sewer search team. I have read most of the early “Prey” books, but this is the first one in several years. I like that although there was a heinous crime to be solved in this one, the complexity of the characters and their emotional makeup was more the central part of the novel.


Ssandford Blessing is the head of uniforms. My Take We all have regrets, and Lucas has a big one.

Book Review: John Sandford’s Buried Prey – KD Did It Edits

The murderer was ostensibly caught, but Lucas had never been satisfied with the way it all went down. This is an older Lucas Davenport book George and Gloria Jones are their parents. Nathan Dunn was nohn good Samaritan who picked Kelly up off the road.

Hardcoverpages. Jun 11, Mike rated it it was amazing. I notice that some reviewers cite a discrepancy in the background of one of the characters.

The Kindest Cut are copyrighted by John Sandford. Dave Pirner is the lead singer in Soul Asylum. Filled with his trademark razor-sharp plotting and some of the best characters in suspense fiction, Buried Prey is further proof that “John Sandford is at the top of his game” The Washington Post.

Sedakis is Hanson’s daughter. Explore the Home Gift Guide. You know you should choose something more chic, but the dialogue and the internal monologues of the character just can’t leave your mind. Probably my favorite Prey book so far. The year is He, Sandford, blends a lengthy back-story section into the action seamlessly allowing us personal insight into Davenport that we have not seen before.

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