Jaap Sahib (Steek) (Punjabi). Read more steeks on Sikh Scriptures by visiting Uploaded by Singh Translation of Jaap Sahib in. Jaap Sahib Steek-Prof Sahib Singh-Punjabi by toshaak in Types > Books – Non- fiction, sikh Mahan Kosh Vol 1 Kahan Singh Nabha – English Translation. If God is not alive in you, you are not alive on this earth. For centuries and centuries you have been taught wrong, and the result is God has.

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God is Annihilator of all. These were the times and this was the state of affairs. I used to be a firm believer in dasam granth however, thinking about it the granth hold no merit and I mean that with the upmost respect. Salutation to God who is beyond deeds. God is Unfathomable, Companion of all and Free from all worldy entanglements and ties.

God is the Fountain of all virtues and blessings. God has neither any relative nor any collateral. God, Himself, is the Soul of all creations.


> Sri Jaap Sahib English Translation | from dusk to dawn

God is beyond portraiture, without kith and kin, beyond support, and He is Imperceptible. He is invincible and Unfaded. God sustains everyone over the universe continuously.

Salutation to God who can make everything to dry. God gives spiritual power, success, and intellectual power to all. Salutation to the Carnal of pleasures. April 18, at 9: Jaap Sahib is not just to praise God.

Salutation to the Substantial and Un-substantial forms. God is mingled with all and He is Universal. God provides work for all for their sustaining. Jaap Sahib gives you the strength of the mind behind every muscle of you. Your hands should be on your thighs please, not on the ground. Salutation to the Colourless.

He annihilates all enemies. God is such a sahhib Ocean in which all the solar systems of the universe move like countless waves.

> Sri Jaap Sahib English Translation

The vedas and the puranas jaxp that God is Transcendent from all and He is Unparalled. His origin is maap. What we are going to do now is chant with Jaap Sahib. Salutation to the fathomless Ocean. God is the Killer of gods of death. God is the Destroyer of the universe from all sides. Salutation to God who is in all colours. He is the Destroyer of all. His version is to bow to all aspects of God, every aspect.


Salutation to the Immovable.

Jaap Sahib -: Page : 1 :-

Salutation to God who is transcendent King of all Indras god of heaven. God is attached with the entire Universe. God is Omnipresent forever.

That was the rule of tyranny then. You have to understand one thing.

Salutation to the compassionate of all. March 28, at God is beyond portraiture, He is friendless and away from all. Wonderful Preceptor God is always victorious To be recited.