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Beyond point D the reference power is a constant equal to tor per unit 1 pu. The total capacitance of the DC link in farads. The magnetizing inductance Lm in pu based on the generator rating. The generic control loop is illustrated in the figure. Gains of the rotor-side converter current regulator. In inducyion start up sequence the rotor may be parked held at stopped ,and on the release of the brakes would be accelerated by the wind until the fixed speed was reached. Reference grid voltage Vref This parameter is not visible when the Mode parameter is set to Var regulation.

Secondly, the graphical results were compared with the aerodynamic equation which shows the graphical model follow the maximum power tracking curve. The nominal power in VA, the nominal line-to-line voltage in Vrms and the nominal system frequency in hertz.

The voltage or the reactive power at grid terminals is controlled by the reactive current flowing in the converter C rotor. Converters Tab Converter maximum power The maximum power of both C grid and C rotor in pu of the nominal power. Maximum pitch angle This parameter is not induuction when the External turbine Tm mechanical torque input parameter is selected.

At nominal power, the wind turbine absorbs 0. Magnetizing inductance The magnetizing inductance Lm in pu based on the generator rating. Only the positive-sequence is taken into account, the negative-sequence has been eliminated. Pitch Angle Control System The pitch angle is kept constant at zero degrees until the speed reaches point D speed of the tracking characteristic. Generator data, Converters data, Turbine data, and Control parameters. The generic power control loop is illustrated in the figure.


An example of such a characteristic is illustrated by the ABCD curve superimposed to the mechanical power characteristics of the turbine obtained at different wind speeds. Between point B and point C the tracking characteristic is the locus of the maximum power of the turbine maxima of the turbine power versus turbine speed curves. The maximum value of this current is limited to 1 pu. Maximum rate of change of reference grid voltage This parameter is not visible when the Mode parameter is set to Ffor regulation.

This external torque must be in pu based on the nominal lvadislav power and synchronous speed.

Select Voltage regulation default or Var regulation. C rotor and C grid have the capability of generating or absorbing reactive power and could be used to control the reactive power or the voltage at the grid terminals. Reference generated reactive power at grid terminals, in pu, used by the var regulator. When the wind speed drops back to a safety level, the wind turbine operation usually resumes. Default is [ 0. Your model must then output the mechanical torque applied to the generator shaft.

Generated reactive power Qref This parameter is not visible when the Mode parameter is set to Voltage regulation. You may need to use your own turbine model, in order for example, to implement different power characteristics or to implement the shaft stiffness.

The current regulator is assisted by feed forward terms which predict Vdr. The same current regulator as for the power control is used to regulate the actual Idr component of positive-sequence current to its reference value. Grid-Side Converter Control System.


The rated speed is the minimum wind speed at which the wind turbine will generate its designated rated power. Bossanyi, Wind Energy Fir. As long as the reactive current stays within the maximum current values -Imax, Imax imposed by the converter rating, the voltage is regulated at the reference voltage Vref. As shown in Fig.

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The other one is the generator which transforms the rotational mechanical power to electrical power. Page 20 Research Publish Journals.

In addition, this model allows using C grid converter to generate or absorb reactive power. Default is [0 90]. Forr input of the mechanical torque. DFIG abbreviated as doubly fed induction generator wind turbine is a wound- rotor induction generator.

The Generated reactive power Qref parameter is therefore unavailable.

Induction Generators for Wind Power – Vladislav Akhmatov – Google Books

The tracking characteristic is defined by four points: Over that time the turbine speed increased from 0. The generatogs deviation is the difference between actual speed and speed of akhmatvo D in pu of synchronous speed.

Maximum rate of change of reference reactive power This parameter is not visible when the Mode parameter is set to Voltage regulation. This is machine translation Translated by. Click to plot the turbine power characteristics at zero degree of pitch angle for different wind speeds.