Sep 14, El hexagrama 31 es llamado 咸 (hsien), “El Influjo”. Hexagram Xián, Affect and affection. Gua Poem: Affect, expansion Harvest – determination. To take a woman is auspicious. The great image. Connect what belongs together. Don’t diminish your involvements. Get rid of personal ambition and accept all the people. Beware of bigotry, prejudice.

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Purpose located outside indeed.

His will is set on following others — what he heaxgrama in his grasp is low. During the years of our indiscretion, while we are driven hither and thither by our various likes and dislikes, we serve hexatrama Masters, who often prove veritable tyrants to us, but when we have had enough of them, we hexzgrama that there is a Master of a different stamp, who lives not by our passions and desires, but rather by their suppression and subdual.

This line is a reminder that our changing moods influence our movements. Look-up any I Ching. No amount of talk will alter the fundamental physics of mutual attraction; without a spark, no amount of wind will cause a fire to burn. Changes to 49 Revolution. How to interpret “Influence And Chemistry”.

The attraction of opposites is a powerful and fundamental force. While multiple translations of the original text are available, they include many archaic references and can be difficult to understand for 21st century readers.

Line 3 Beware of knee-jerk emotional reactions. Unusual interactions can succeed if you follow your intuition.

31: Mutual Attraction

If we cannot be influenced ourselves we cannot influence the outer world. Make a list of all your good qualities. You are in danger of becoming obsessed by this influence.


It conjoins your jaws, cheeks and tongue. The hidden influence of Coming to Meet suggests that you are attracting the experiences of which your mind is currently focused.

If, when not stimulated by external things, one moves, it is the movement of heaven Why do you suppose the book was divided into two unequal sections? Wooing is not commitment however, so give a situation time to sort itself out.

Hexagrama 31 Hsien El Influjo – Free Download PDF

The ideal hexargama between ego and Self is a simple and logical division of labor — the Self can see ahead but cannot take direct action, and the ego can take direct action but cannot see ahead. To understand the principles of the Work we must be able to see the “obvious” as symbolic of an abstraction — and vice- versa.

She is too anxious to move. The sixth line, magnetic, shows one moving her jaws and tongue. Great hearts steadily send forth the secret forces that incessantly draw great events.

When no idea arises, the right ideas come This is not a direct translation of the original “Book of Changes” from BC.

Stimulation in the calves of the legs. Winning loyalty and love will be as much the result of conscious effort as it will be the result of that special formula that exists between two people.

The attraction is strong and gathers others to you but it may be an unhealthy way of interacting. Trial significant, repenting extinguished. In the I Ching the Self is symbolized by heaven, and the ego is symbolized by earth. Sensing in the thighs, when clinging is following, to go on brings shame.


The cause of sorrow disappears.

The influence shows itself in hexagramw jaws, cheeks, and tongue. What insights does the alchemical concept of the Unus Mundus bring to bear on these questions?

The triviality of the aim explains the ineffectiveness of the movement, but since it is free from selfish motivations it is nothing to be repented of. This is sensitivity using the human mentality, utterly lacking the mind of Tao. Step outside the norms. It can remain firm and, resisting the temptation to use special influence, quietly make itself felt as one of the rulers of the hexagram, by virtue of its character; in this case it does not stimulate anything injurious, since it is in harmony with the right.

Not-yet the shining great indeed. In response to the magnetic attraction between two people, the masculine principle the creative, outgoing seizes the initiative and then submits to the feminine the receptive, nourishing.

You have the chance to woo others in following your ideas. Changes to 33 Retreat. Understand this power and feel its influence.