Previous edition copyrighted , , , , by the C.V. Mosby Co. Cleckley, Hervey Milton, The Mask of Sanity. ISBN . The term psychopath has been kicking around since the nineteenth-century, but was popularized by psychiatrist Hervey Cleckley in his classic The Mask of . The mask of sanity; an attempt to reinterpret the so-called psychopathic personality. Citation. Cleckley, H. (). The mask of sanity; an attempt to reinterpret the.

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The rich clinical detail is not developed into a systematic psychological theory. Women, for the most part, were expected to get married and have children.

The Mask of Sanity by Hervey M. Cleckley

That’s something I honestly believe. A sixth edition was published shortly after Cleckley’s death inbut is described by others as having minimal substantive changes. Here’s one of the first formal studies of psychopathy, under that name. Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of this book is in its latter portions, where Mr. The book DOES clarify quite a lot about psychopathy.

It is a fascinating read, but it does require dedication to one’s purpose to see it through to the end. May 28, Hegvey rated it it was amazing Shelves: Please try again later. The third edition in he describes as having fewer changes and additions, but important clarifications to key concepts such as the hypothesis of a core semantic deficit. That means I’ll be able to plough through the rest by the end of the month in time to get mawk to editing the story throughout October in time to start a new story for NaNoWriMo November!

Cleckley observes the character of the psychopath in history and in literature.

[Psychopathy: from “The Mask of Sanity” to social neurosciences].

Who knows if there will ever be a solution to this. I’ve been reading this for research for a story. In later editions he explains that the basic concepts presented in were based primarily on “adult male psychopaths hospitalized in a closed institution” for several years.


Barring that, this book is one of the cardinal works on psychopathy, from a pioneer in the field, and it contains tens of detailed cases and clinical considerations from a practitioner who believed that psychopathy should have its own classification and should be dealt with differently by a system which was not equipped to treat this disorder.

He notes that many types of people hold beliefs that he and much of society would consider irrational, such as mysticismpseudosciencepraising of unintelligible or immoral works e.

Cleckley scatters through this book constant fascinating anecdotes and remarks, some so outrageous or remarkable that one would assume he made them up if he were writing on some other topic. All in all, this book is still worth a read.

Cleckley then considers how schizophrenia is different from psychopathy, having a defect in theoretical reasoning. The case studies also served as a fascinating example of how much a mawk, well-off Caucasian male can get away with WITHOUT ending up destitute and homeless in that era.

May 29, Hari Brandl rated it it was ok.

Showing of 91 reviews. So these patients were shuttled between jail and mental hospitals, bervey of which could deal with the root of the problem psychopathology. The distinction emphasized by Fenichel between ego-syntonic and ego-alien motivations compulsive acts of caution versus so-called ‘compulsive’ antisocial acts is a fundamental point and brings out a distinction sannity merely of degree but of quality He distinguishes psychopaths from non-psychopathic alcoholicswho by contrast have a purpose for drinking such as to avoid reality, and may want and try to change, whereas the psychopath appears to drink simply to behave outrageously and get into trouble.

The Mask of Sanity

More, in fact, in keeping with my experiences with people with borderline personality disorder. Originally published in under the title Mask of Sanity: Books by Hervey M. I realize that at the time Cleckley was considered correct and culturally in sync, but reading his thoughts on those subjects makes me thankful for thd alive now, even if we cleclkey have a lot of progress to make.


More, in fact, in keeping wit I expected a rather different book when I decided to read this.

For anyone interested in forensic psychology, I highly recommend this read. Cleckley questions whether this mask of sanity is voluntarily assumed to intentionally hide the lack of internal structure, but concludes it hides a serious, but yet imprecisely unidentified, semantic neuropsychiatric defect.

Paperbackpages. His writing style is superb!

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Human is an animal and the line between normal and abnormal is thin, biased and often misleading. The cases described in these pages may have no moral compass, but they also lack the o required to pursue any far-reaching act of grave consequence. He suggests it is necessary to interpret it with supporting evidence, though notes that it has virtually no empirical data to enable this.

I don’t remember everything cleclley the book, but I’m certain to this day that I can still properly correct your mainstream definition of the term “Psychopath” I understand the maxk to include so many case studies, but as Cleckley openly acknowledges, psychopaths are utter dickheads. Hare on the topic of psychopaths, their behavior and their danger to society. I’m holding my end up, he said. I wonder if Cleckley would be disturbed to discover vleckley men boys still joke about sex and poop, still love their guns as much as their dicks and continue to engage in posturing?

Although the meaning of the term has changed through numerous writings on the subject over time, the writing of Cleckley and his use of the label “psychopath” in The Mask of Sanity brought the term into popular usage.