The bestselling Bible handbook of all time with millions of copies sold, Halley’s Bible Handbook has been thoroughly updated, while retaining its time-honored. Halley’s Bible Handbook makes the Bible’s wisdom and message accessible. You will develop an appreciation for the cultural, religious, and geographic. Your church library probably has a copy and you, too, may own one, because well over a million copies of Halley’s Bible Handbook are in print. Henry H. Halley .

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Halley’s Bible Handbook Henry H. Halley

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Halley’s Bible Handbook, the classic layperson’s companion text, includes a concise Bible commentary, important discoveries in archaeology, related historical data, church history, maps, and more.

Hardcoverpages. Published October 19th by Zondervan Publishing Company first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Halley’s Bible Handbookplease sign up. Let me give everyone a head’s up. The rights to publish Halley’s book was given to Billy Graham. There are, of course, pics of Graham and Pope John Paul together so it figures.? See 2 questions about Halley’s Bible Handbook…. Lists with This Book. I didn’t realize what I was getting into when I started this.

I had given up secular reading for Lent and intended to read several Christian books during that time. But this overwhelmed me and kept me reading far beyond Lent. The other books I planned to read are still waiting. Halley’s Bible Handbook began in as a page hand-printed pamphlet that Henry Halley gave out to encourage people to read and understand the Bible.

Halley started as a clergyman but was told by his doctor that he ha I didn’t realize what I was getting into when I started this. Halley started as a clergyman but was told by his doctor that he had to get outside and do hard physical work for his health. He gave up pastoral work and went into the construction business, but he never gave up his faith or his love of the Bible.

Henry Halley of Halley’s Bible Handbook

He hallrys and could hhalleys Scripture from every book of the Bible for 25 hours. He gave recitations in churches, always beginning each one with a brief description of the book he was quoting from. When note-taking by bble audience distracted him, he decided to print up the information in a leaflet. Over 80 years and 25 editions, that little leaflet grew into this nearly page-book, edited by Halley’s great-granddaughter halldys her husband.

The book begins with explaining what the Bible is: He then goes through book by book and gives the main thought of each book. I intend to go through this the next time I read the Bible straight through. This hzlleys I’m following a hhandbook reading plan and since the year is half over, I will finish that plan. But next year, I’ll start over reading the Bible from the beginning, and I will use this handbook as I read.

Although I have done a lot of Bible studies, this was more effective than anything else I’ve done in helping me understand handboik the Old Testament is part of Christ’s story.

Many cross-references are very helpful. There are a lot of maps and charts and information about places and people and events. But the most important message of this handbook is, in Henry Halley’s words, “that every Christian should be a Constant and Devoted Reader of the Bible; and that the primary business of the Church and Ministry is to lead, foster, and encourage their people in that habit.


Feb 02, Sara rated it really liked it Shelves: This popped up in my Recommendations and I realized I had read it in the 80’s – maybe not every word, but I used it quite a bit as a good reference.

A wonderful resource for anyone studying God’s word. Apr 21, Spaz rated it did not like it Shelves: Sometimes three chapters of a Bible book jumbled together and given a brief description together of all three chapters, no thanks.

May 04, Orpiment99 rated it it was ok. The version of this book I am reviewing is the jandbook edition, with the 28th printing in Black-and-white photos of ruins, artifacts, and drawn maps. I know many people don’t like these old layouts but I think the non-colored maps are easy to view.

They are not hard on my eyes and while modern, geographical colored maps would be nice, these maps are good for general comprehension. Incorporated archaeological notes and insights.

While hallleys book may be dated and it’s archaeo The version of this book I am reviewing is the 24th edition, halleyw the 28th printing in While this book may be dated and it’s archaeological information correct, it is interesting to compare the information we had then to the information we have now. As I stated earlier, the archaeological information appears to be outdated and to be honest, that’s a given for a book like this.

Halley’s biases appear in many of his “archaeological notes. Then he talks about “foundation sacrifices” in the next paragraph, where apparently the Phoenicians sacrificed a child or children when a new house was built, and “it’s body built into the wall” PG Infant and child mortality was high in different parts of the ancient world.

Crematoriums were often located next to such “tophet burial” graveyards for convenience. Many civilizations also buried their family’s remains in their own homes See information about the Neolithic site called “Khirokitia” on the island of Cypruswhich most likely accounts for Halley’s description of “foundation sacrifices.

I found that Halley trying to describe every other verse or provide commentary was not binle. In most cases, I would say his general commentary is distracting because he seems to be trying to interpret every other verse or chapter in the Bible. And finally, handboko ugly: His version of Church history is completely based upon the so-called “Great Apostasy,” which is dismissed by most boble Church historians.

He jalleys makes it a point to send many cheap shots towards Catholics, even bbible so far as to describe us as “Romanists” seriously, people still use this term? He also follows the pseudo-historical belief that the Catholic Church suppressed the translation of the Bible into vernacular languages books in the Middle Ages were expensive to create and were often chained to prevent theft, which was quite common in those days; the Bible has been translated into “vernacular” languages since the canon was put together.

Henry Halley of Halley’s Bible Handbook – Church History Timeline

Plus, most of the population couldn’t read anyway. Basically, his church history section is garbage and to be honest, this book belongs in the garbage or if we want to be very environmentally friendly, recycled. How anyone can take Halley seriously is beyond handbopk. I know this handbook is meant for us “dumb” people but his scholarship-even for his time-was severely lacking. In fact I would not consider this a scholarly work.


For the sake of your sanity take a pass on this book. I am not sure how the newest edition bile this handbook compares to his older editions. I would hope our rocket would finally get off the ground and launch into space, but perhaps the information provided exploded on take-off. Mar 02, April Stone added it. Jan 19, Hallsys Walker rated it it was amazing.

Henry Hampton Halley was born in Kentucky, graduated from Transylvania College and the College of the Bible inand became a minister associated with Christian Halpeys in People began asking him for some of this information, so he decided to write his own introduct Henry Hampton Halley was born in Kentucky, graduated from Transylvania College halleys the College of the Bible inand became a minister associated with Christian Churches in People began asking him for some of this information, so he decided to write his own introductory material and make it available.

In he produced a sixteen page booklet of introductory information and began giving it out to people who wanted it.

Full text of “Halley’s Bible Handbook Henry H. Halley”

What I especially like about it is all the archaeological notes which accompany the discussion of the Bible history, along with the copious maps and photographs. I took it to college with me and have used it ever since. When each of our boys was in either seventh or eighth grade, I had them read a portion of the book each day all the way through as their Bible curriculum for that year. Ararat though the latter is a traditional view.

However, in general he takes a basically conservative, creationist approach to the Scriptures. However, for those who accept the Bible as the divinely inspired, infallible, and authoritative revelation of God, the book is a useful resource for Biblical background information. It seems extraordinarily comprehensive and authoritative, and it prefaces itself with “the Bible is the inerring Word of God.

So I wasn’t cheating when I whipped through this at a breakneck scan. Mar 27, Dante Ferrigno rated it liked it Recommended to Dante by: Really it’s not bad, though three stars makes it look so, it’s just that Unger’s Bible Handbook is so much better.

I was going to give it 2 stars because “It was OK” better describes my thoughts on the book than “I liked it” which is what 3 stars stands for, but 2 stars just makes it look worse than my true opinion of the book. Jul 16, Becky rated it it was amazing. I haven’t yet completely read it cover to cover but It is a ” must have”in Bible study. Along with a good Bible dictionary and an exhaustive concordance. Also a good Bible Atlas is helpful I do wish I had one of those. This was the first commentary I ever read.

It was a birthday present for my birthday. I learned quite a bit about the archaeology being done to understand the Bible better that was included in this book. I still have my copy.

Feb 10, Royce Ratterman rated it it was amazing. Most books are rated related to their usefulness and contributions to my research. Overall, a good book for the researcher and enthusiast.