Something dark sleeps deep in the ocean, emanating a power darker and more destructive than anything imaginable. And there are those that would wish to. Arkham Horror: Ghouls of the Miskatonic (The Dark Waters Trilogy Book 1) – Experience the horrors of a haunted New England city in the s. Ghouls of the Miskatonic. Something dark sleeps deep in the ocean, emanating a power darker and more destructive than anything imaginable. And there are.

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Aug 19, D rated it liked it Shelves: Clearly, the book was written to support a board game called Arkhan Horror that has the same characters. McNeill tries desperately show the reader that he has a good background of the time the miskatonuc is passed, the 30’s. It was very boring.

Book Review: Ghouls of the Miskatonic by Graham McNeill

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It’s fun in a oof cheesy way. As a Mythos story, it leaves a lot to be desired. The story here focuses upon an increasingly cryptic string of murders throughout Arkham, Massachusetts.

Gjouls was expecting schlocky mikatonic fiction, but it is well written They overdose on characters but the upshot is still a pretty good book. Has anyone read this book prior to playing the game or with no knowledge of the universe it takes place in? The final part, the guidebook, has placenames and people names from various Arkham Horror the board game with varying degrees of background information stapled in here or there as needed.

A good helping of graphic violence is available, for the benefit of those who are drawn to the combat element in the games, I suppose. Skip to content Forma t: The characters are laughably flat, and a few of them are tired stereotypes in particular Rita Sassy Black Friend!


Having played the game on which this book is based on several occasions, I cannot help b As a whole, the book was entertaining and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Feb 15, Liam rated it liked it. The Hermetic Library Reading Room is an imaginary and speculative future reification of the library in the physical world, a place to experience a cabinet of curiosities offering a confabulation of curation, misjatonic and community that engages, archives and encourages a living Western Esoteric Tradition. Jun 13, Daryl Weir rated it it was ok. While I enjoyed the book as a whole, the ending seemed a bit of “deus ex machina.

He escapes, the only person at the exchange to do so, and pf with him a strange silver orb that seems to warp reality.

They were well written and I understand that it is hard to write a story with so many things happening to so many important characters at the same time, but I still found my interest was in knowing what the others were doing rather than reading about what was happening to the girls. Feb 21, Mike rated it really liked it. The action finally begins to pick up at the end of the book, but here is where the story falls mislatonic completely.

Harvard is in Boston or just across the river at leastand here this silly cop thinks Yale is there.

Ghouls of the Miskatonic

I hope this is something that will become clearer in the following books, but his role is unexplained. It turns out to be a well-written novel that could very well have been written without the Arkham Oc imprint. Maybe things are explained in the next book, but I have no desire to pursue this further.


This isn’t really a bad thing, overall.

Ghouls of the Miskatonic – The Hermetic Library Blog

I definitely won’t be reading further into this series. The teh aspect of this is that the “At the Mountains of Madness” expedition seems to have ov slated for the mids but due to events that happen in this novel, get pushed back to the late’s, early 30’s. But this doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. Also, where were the ghouls? From a plot stand point, it was very interesting. Earlier, when a fellow professor is asked about Grayson’s ex-mentor, Morley Dean, the response is “Dean protected you [from eldritch things]”.

It was pretty light reading and fun. You have the Pinkerton agent, the journalists, the professor, the students and the criminal among others, which can certainly od hit an miss. Ghouls of the Miskatonic is two novellas and a guidebook in one book. Graham McNeill does an acceptable job of weaving this original gnouls int I’ve always had a hard time reading books based on games and books set in “worlds” that the author isn’t the original creator of.

Again, that’s not bad In any case, he is far too present for a guy who does not do much in the end.