Mr Tompkins in Paperback has ratings and 58 reviews. Titas (I read in bed) said: Make Physics Easy Again!Are you scared of physics? Don’t want to sp. Mr Tompkins in Paperback (Canto), Mr Tompkins in Wonderland or Stories of c, G , and h, Mr. Tompkins Learns the Facts of Life, Mr Tompkins inside Himself. GEORGE GAMOW. This paperback volume combines and brings up to date two of Professor Gamow’s well known books, Mr Tompkins in Wonderland and Mr.

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Last edited or checked June 6, I have a very limited knowledge and passion for physics, but my friend insisted that I would still find enjoyment in the basic storyline that ran through the overarching plot.

This was a must read in when I was first introduced to it. Inside the nucleus; A foreword to this edition by Roger Penrose indicates where theory has moved on since Gamow’s time and the few, slight inaccuracie George Gamow during his “three decade vacation” in the USA wrote a number of articles and books featuring Mr.

After the war he became one of the chief advocates of the Big Bang theory. The theories are no longer cutting-edge, as they were in the s, but I don’t think this book will ever grow old. The Gay Tribe of Electrons. George Gamow during his “three decade vacation” in the USA wrote a number of articles and books featuring Mr. The Two Cultures C. The lectures that trigger his dreams are included as appendices to the book. Gamow wrote 30 popular books on astronomy, physics, and related sciences.

Want to better understand Einstein? I have to disagree with the I did like the way that the chapters were their own little storie Gamow took on the challenging task of writing a novel that would involve lofty science topics such as relativity and quantum mechanics, in which he would help the readers develop a basic understanding of the topics. He does this through the introduction of three main characters, Mr Tomkins, a clerk in a big city bank, with an interest in, but little knowledge of, science and a strong propensity to fall asleep and dream during the “Professor’s” scientific lectures, the “Professor”, who gives the scientific explanations, and his daughter Maude, who develops a romantic attachment to Mr Tomkins.


Later books in the series tackled biology and advanced cosmology. For example, one of the key papers on the “big bang” theory is called the geeorge paper. It explain it so much fun. Liberty before Liberalism Quentin Skinner. Nowadays, if I work hard at it, I can sometimes make a little sense of the lectures that accompany the stories.

Canto Classics: Mr Tompkins in Paperback

Tompkins” series one of the most famousGamow used the figure of georfe curious, interested bank clerk as a protagonist for various journeys into quantum physics and gravity. Be the first to ask a question about Mr Tompkins in Paperback. I found the stories to still be charming, but maybe three decades passed had cast a too romantic light, raising my expectations to an unrealistic level.

In the field of molecular biology, Gamow suggested the triplet mechanism for coding DNA. Rowling I think was influenced by this piece of writingA Part of the Previous lecture which Mr Tompkins Slept Through, which introduces quantum chemistry.

Changing the conditions of the real world in order to demonstrate the effect of scientific principles has been a traditional tool since Flatland by Edwin Abbott Abbott.


Einstein’s greatest achievement was the General Theory of Relativity inten years after he published his Special Gwmow of Relativity. May 21, Eric rated it it was amazing.

Mr Tompkins in Paperback. One afternoon of a bank holiday Mr. Science is explained along the way, along with the history of those who disc Back in print! This possible quaintness works well for these stories; giving them an intimate storytelling, an almost in my mind Lewis Carroll feel to the stories, while at the same time knowing that the physics is real. I recently shared this book with a teen volunteer who gamod introducing younger kids to Einstein’s theories in a class on cosmology.

This is the book for you. The same structure is used in the second book, “Mr. Relativity and quantum mechanics are explained very well through these stories and Roger Penrose in the introduction states that with a few minor exceptions these stories still give a useful explanation of these ‘difficult to grasp’ concepts.

Mr. Tompkins in Wonderland – George Gamow

Roger Penrose’s foreword introduces Mr Tompkins to a new generation of readers, and reviews his adventures in the light of current developments in physics today. Do you think physics cannot be easy or physics cant be funny??

Even had I possessed a prior interest in physics, the story itself was painfully boring and seemed to arbitrarily exist for the sake of tying the chapters together.