The widest range of focal lengths in the Cabrio PL-mount range, the ZK mm can be used in almost any shooting situation. With more and more “affordable” cinema lenses entering the market, Fujinon have decided to take $10,US off the list price of their Cabrio. Like all Cabrio zooms, the PL mm supports an optional detachable drive unit for electric zooming, focusing and iris. Mounting the unit enables remote.

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Yet even shooting full frame, this lense did surprisingly well.

Please check your local sales tax laws. At the very end of the trail are two conical elements blue in color, with tiny, pinpoint-sized elements along the trail itself. This is a very impressive lens in this department! There is also a switch that allows you to disengage the motors to operate the lens manually, or you can fully remove the servo unit and use the lens on its own. By watching the columns on the right side of the frame, you can see that there is notice scaling in the image as we rack from background to foreground at fujinno focal lengths.

The lens is also fully smart, so cameras that read lens data will capture focus, iris and zoom data. Its very light, compact and optically gorgeous. Each of the focus, zoom, and iris rings are integrated with standard 0. I bought the lens without the servo and never missed having motors.

Any advertised discounts or savings will still apply. The bokeh is soft and round, with a slight horizontal stretch. A 12x PL mount cine lens, starting at 25mm ufjinon reaching to mm, will give you the versatility to cover a wide variety of shooting situations.


The color is neutral, with a slight green tint. But nothing on the horizontal. Fujinon recently released the Cabrioffujinon economical version of their popular Cabrio Compact Lenses. The size of the lens is nice and compact.

Czbrio watching the columns on the right side of the frame, you can see that there is noticeable scaling in the image as we rack from background to foreground at both focal lengths. The images it captures are sharp, well rounded with excellent fujnon and minimal flaring – but when it does flare, the flares are pretty.

You can see the lens coating is doing an incredible job minimizing the flare, but as a result gives little life to the flare that exists. At the tight end of the lensthe flare wakes up a bit.

ZK Cabrio PL Series

Wide open at T2. They were the first lenses of their kind to feature an integrated servo zoom that you can remove. It has a flange focal distance adjustment, so fujknon can manually adjust the back-focus of the lens in the field.

This gave us a pure white from the ambient lighting in the room. The lens is solidly built, with well-designed lens rings that are smooth to operate.

Fujinon ZKmm T Cabrio Premier Lens (PL Mount) ZKX19

The lens is solidly built, with well designed lens rings carbio are smooth to operate. As we get closer to the light, halo rings float by and full light leaks of various colors dance in frame. The xk is a class act in this regard also.


We will authorize your payment method for the full advertised amount when you order this item, but you will not be charged until your item ships. Click here to download screen captures of all T-stops. The Cabrio features a multitude of well thought out, high-end attributes that make for easier shooting.

One thing, though, the lense is heavy-ish, 7. Designed using the latest proprietary optical simulation software, the PL mm wide angle lens offers exceptional optical performance in the center of the image and in the corners of the frame.

Fujinon drop $10,US off their Cabrio 4K PL Compact Lenses – Newsshooter

The first is in the interview frame at both 35mm and 50mm. We tested the geometry of the lens by shooting the resolution chart and examining the outer box that lines the chart.

You have start-stop capability, a zoom rocker allowing for smooth moves in-shot, auto iris, and remote ports on the underside of the servo for connecting external focus and zoom controllers. There is a long stream of lens elements that are soft, smooth, and various colors.

The Cabrio renders beautiful out of focus objects. There is some barrel and pincushion distortion, noticeable only when shooting rectangular objects straight on, which I have found easy to correct in post. To test color, we first white balanced the camera sensor with no lens attached.