Eugen Kogon, the author or this book, was a left-wing German political prisoner at Buchenwald concentration camp. Throughout this book, he praises left-wing. Eugen Kogon (February 2, – December 24, ) was a historian and a survivor of the Holocaust. A well-known Christian opponent of the Nazi Party. Eugen Kogon. (Munich) – (Falkenstein). Professor for Scientific Politics. “To this day, at the age of seventy-one, it still happens to me that I thrash .

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Ding-Schuler, who often helped Kogon hide individuals on the list to be executed, injected typhus strains into unknowing individuals. He only wanted to tell what he experienced and exactly what he saw in the camp.

Eugen Kogon – Wikipedia

Not only did the prisoners have a general difference in psychology with the SS, but different classes of inmates had mentalities that often threatened or rivaled those of the SS. Abstract back to top Buchenwald inmates being registered. Add it to your IMDbPage. Consequently, social class on the outside meant nothing on the inside, and political prisoners who had great autonomy and respect on the outside were brought down to the lowest levels, receiving abuse by the SS at every turn.

From toKogon was also president of the German council of the European Movement. This was not one of the better books about the holocaust. Thus the emphasis on emigration in the earlier parts of the Nazi regime, and the quite mad but apparently sincere plan to relocate the Jews to Madagascar.

It is a good read, but I did not learn anything new and found it much less relatable than other books on the subject. Eugen Kogon 2 February — 24 December was a historian and a survivor of the Holocaust.

While sad, it could not equal how disturbing “The Theory and Practice of Hell” had. My father had been an inmate at Gross Rosen and then Dachau. Their own work in helping to dissolve the camp quickly made them realize that it was quite impossible for kogln to gain even an approximately accurate picture of the complex situation within the camp and to evaluate its true significance. This is a very insightful book that is sometimes difficult to ,ogon.


The Roots of Evil: Paperbackpages. Refresh and try again.

Eugen Kogon

But he is also doing his best to be clear, to explain. The SS leadership expected obedience of its subordinates, but it also expected independence. Sep 14, William rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The first report comprised some typewritten pages, single-spaced.

All of my fellow students, I was an eighth grader when I read this book. It will change how you think and it will make your life seem precious. And his book is a testament, not only to basic, brute survival and reading it, you start to wonder how anyoneany single solitary human being, survived the concentration camps, much less survived for years on end eugenn, but to the survival of the things that make us more than brutes.

She also emphasizes the variety of adaptations that inmates could choose. In fact, the factual knowledge that they possessed rarely exceeded that of kpgon eighth grade level. Hostility toward them may have been partly rooted in the fact that homosexuality was at one time widespread in Prussian military circles, as well as among the SA and SS, and was to be mercilessly outlawed and erased. Uploaded by Revisionismus on January 27, Holocaust films have shown Poles engaging in normal activities, such as Sunday worship, shopping, etc.

This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat He also considers the behavior of perpetrators and bystanders as they related to the Holocaust.


Eugen Kogon (Author of The Theory and Practice of Hell)

Eugwn Gestapo readily had recourse to the charge of homosexuality, if it was unable to find any other pretext for proceeding against Catholic priests or irksome critics.

He just wanted them OUT of Germany. Return to Book Page. Audible Download Audio Books. Very readable, it’s so terrifying that one cannot really put it down. Maintaining a theme of death, the discussion of experimentation inside the camp shows the realities of the dreaded wards 46 and 50 in which Dr.

Topics World War TwoPropagandaconcentration campspsychological warfaresykewarAlliedAmericanNaziGermanSSgas chambersaccountspamphletwar crimesatrocity propaganda.

I loaned the book out and never asked for it back because it was so disturbing. Kogon had already spoken about his ideas in Buchenwald with fellow prisoner Kurt Schumacher. For readers familiar with the subject, the broader assessments weren’t new, but I found this to be one of the most detailed and well-structured accounts of a camp as a whole that I’ve read.

Upon being driven into the camp, inmates had two choices. He also discusses how all of the labor done by the inmates of concentration camps only egen a small part of the total German war economy and how those who witnessed the labor helped give power to the SS by not eugwn out against the immorality of the system.

Their verdict was that the contents of the report were objective and accurate.

He feels dissolved and sheltered a he follows the trend of the whole, even into the abyss. I eugfn something two years ago that blows this out of the water. Contact Buchenwald Memorial Datenschutz Credits.