The Bloody Countess: The Atrocities of Erzsebet Bathory .. Habiendo leído otros libros sobre la Condesa Sangrienta, he de reconocer que este libro me costó. Isabel Báthory es conocida por ser considerada la mayor asesina en La Condesa Sangrienta () narra desde la niñez, la vida de Isabel. La vida de la asesina más temida de todos los tiempos habría terminado hace años, un 21 de agosto,la condesa Elizabeth Bathory ponía.

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Perhaps, historians say, the true story of Elizabeth Bathory looks more like this: Sep 30, Steve Davies rated it liked it. However, where this is different is Erzsebet was very much into the occult so this had a very different feel to it than other nightmarish things that I have subjected myself to reading. This is a mind blowing account of a Countess who lived in the 17th Century. That, coupled with a stunning lack of references, annoys the crap out of me.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Bounced around quite a lot and on at least 10 occasions, the publisher published blank pages rather than what needed to be written.

As for the book, the topic is interesting, the writing style isn’t my favorite. Indimenticabilmente liquido e caleidoscopico. Scarey, and trully amazing; reading is believing.

I will disconinute any further inquiry into her life or the lives of people such as Gilles de Rais or Marquis de Sade. In a secret underground room like a crypt, Darvulia, with the patience of a practiced sorceress, drew circles and signs according to the inner grammar of her necromantic ken, not for an instant straying in that labyrinth of baneful, black geography.

Clad in red velvet, adorned in white, in black or pearl, her face heavily made up beneath the large pale forehead. Nov 18, C. Also, the book would jump between the gruesome actions of Erzsebet and her helpers, and then go into boring desciptions and historical information, which was not the least bit interesting.


Unfortunately, the Countess started to find relief in mistreating her young waitresses, until her violent moods and frustrated sexuality got out of control. Penrose was interested in female mysticism, alchemy and the occult. Non sono molto soddisfatta da questa lettura.

The Bloody Countess: The Atrocities of Erzsebet Bathory

I am well versed in the most horrific war crimes that have occured in Africa over the last years and while this book is very graphic in its describtions it still pales when compared to some of the things I’ve read about people doing to one another.

But I loved reading about Erzsebet’s life. As to the letters, only three were presented at the very end of the book. Nobody can fathom why she recorded the names of the victims, sometimes adding comments and details: The translation to English is less than seamless, making for a stilting read, but this book is worth every second.

They become very close and their relationship is shown in their poetry from to about It is supposedly a factual book of historic account, but it’s filled with conjecture, cod-psychology, astrology ffs!

All this brought that proud, ambitious and mentally ill girl to the point of no return. Just one more exasperating foible of this very odd book. It’s actually for research, but Erzebat Bathory always fascinated me. I elizaebth know why there’s suddenly an in-depth account of his crimes, capture, trial and execution.

Perfect for any enthusiasts, I do not recommend this book to anyone who is not already familiar with Countess Bathory’s history and looking to find out more. Most of them were afflicted by mental illness, but that didn’t matter since they had brilliantly sangrientq the turmoils of their time, a dark era sanyrienta continuous warfare and political murders.

The authors created a mishmosh of a book with little organization and constant jumping between subjects.


Finally, batnory the true story behind the real-life Bloody Mary. If you’re interested, there is a bit about her online, although you need to sort through the sensationalism versus known facts – that’s why I ended up with this book.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Be aware of what you’re getting yourself into! Fascinating character, darker than darkness itself. Penrose made surrealist collages. Penrose writes about the occult as if it were real and she describes the historical figures involved as if she knew them personally, when in fact the historical record is far too fragmentary to be sure of anyone’s personality or motivations.

Not sure if the translation or the writing itself. Many looked to Countess Elizabeth Bathory when attempting to explain the disappearances. The content didn’t follow any logical timeline or pattern; the author jumped from Erzsebet and her crimes to pages of family and European history much of it not relevant to the topic interspersed with the author’s own biases.

This book was about Erzsebet Bathory, but the last quarter of the book went into many details and stories about Gille de Rais. Trivia About The Bloody Counte These people are better left damned to being unremembered.

She used the instrument to cut off their hands, noses, and genitals. Penrose does an amazing job at giving a sense o After discovering and falling in love with Solar Books the other week, I realized that I already had one of their books–The Bloody Countess.

What few facts there were in this book were hidden in a jumble of disorganized and irrelevant information; what information was presented regarding Bathory herself was scant and peppered with flowery supposition on the author’s part.

Instead, the book is replete with passages such as this: Nobody really cared about the life of a peasant or a servant whose existence was actually his master’s property.