MV electrical network management MV substation control unit Merlin Gerin Easergy range Easergy T I User’s manual Easergy T I Contents Overview . Download: Easergy T P (series 3) User’s manual – Easergy TP. Easergy T I user manual – Schneider Electric. ic. dk. Views. 4 years ago. Module, · Enclosure, · Automation, · Interface.

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The enclosure 1 Easdrgy equipment is housed in a stainless steel enclosure L ensuring: This module implements several functions: The embedded web server is used for local supervision of the substation. Remote network control can be set up in phases by installing simple systems which provide a rapid return on capital and can be implemented in a few months.

Protected by a 0.

It is a 5 x 20 mm, 5 A time-lag fuse. This card can receive one phase fault contact and two earth fault contacts. NT can be used. SEC automation Sectionalizer Current The purpose of this automation is to open the MV switch following a failed reclosing of the eaergy circuit-breaker.

PEEN b Alarm log: However, this type of battery has its limitations: Jumpers on the card W2 and W3 allow easy choice of current input acquisition mode for each channel: Plusieurs profils visualisation, conduite, configuration sont configurables. SW1 current 2 — 4-pin plug-in connector: Various pages and sub-pages can be accessed by the user depending on the rights available to him.

It is important to know these addresses in advance in order to start easerby connection these addresses are indicated on the Com card: The automation locks if an t200 is detected during a changeover sequence one switch opens and the other closes.


This file can be used to configure one or more other substations in the same way without being obliged to reconfigure all the parameters one by one. Voltage in Electrical Systems.

Operation and control Alongside operation and control of the network from the SCADA system, it is also possible to operate the equipment locally or remotely using three pages: PLC programming, programme control, management of eaeergy and memory. The existing variables of the T200 that can be used in the programmes are: Communication analyser This analyser observes the frames exchanged on ports 1 and 2 with the control centre. Enclosure mounting The enclosure weighs 40 kg in working order.

Replace the 5 x 20 mm, 0.

Easergy TI/TE | Schneider Electric

The date and time are only used for dating-stamped events and by the protocol analyser. The enclosure is fitted with a padlock-opening locking system. Six screws are required to mount the extension cubicle, four at the top and two at the bottom. It can be configured for 20 s to 4 min in 5 s increments. They are transmitted to the control centre according to the protocol exchange conditions. MV network remote control system for the Easergy range cont.

Easergy T P – Schneider Electric Belgique |

When an order is implemented, the switch moves to the additional position. For the T link via Ethernet, the first two steps indicated below are not necessary. In that case, go directly to stage 3. Remove the batteries by sliding them outwards, raise the terminal covers and undo the two terminal nuts, then disconnect the Faston lugs on the connecting cord. In addition to the TST functions, it is also used to: T P protects the circuits and causes the battery circuit to cut out when it detects: The Online Industrial Exhibition.


Additional information b Door open indication b Optional internal light b T P has free digital inputs and outputs for additional processing: The integrated battery test keeps users informed of the battery availability status.

To perform connection and position tt200 microswitches, the grid can be loosened and removed. Time-out before alarm transmission 1st trans.: It is possible to switch from one software version to another easefgy mere selection if two versions are available.

The Easergy T I enclosure is now powered down. The reliability of the T range is proven by its use across five continents in very varied environments under conditions more severe than those demanded by the standards: If voltage is equal to zero, replace the power supply card or batteries.

Easergy T200I/T200E

Motor mechanism power supply b Supply voltage: DE Replacing the Communication module a Power down the enclosure see the previous pageb Release the two locking screws and remove the Communication module from its housing, c Insert the new module, locking it in position, d Power up the enclosure.

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. The T is capable of storing two different software versions in memory.

It manages the functions of 1 to 4 switches and controls local operation, with the exception of communications. Logs Time-stamped chronological logging of events and measurements. The users and passwords that can be accessed depend on the configuration defined in the Maintenance page and the Users sub-menu. SW2 current option 3 — pin plug-in connector: