“It is good to have this fascinating little chronicle, which gives a lively firsthand account of Florentine history in the lifetime of Dante and Giotto, in a readable and . Dino Campagni’s classic chronicle gives a detailed account of a crucial period in the history of Florence, beginning about and ending in the first decade of. 2. CHRONICLE OF DINO COMPAGNI from God, who rules and governs throughout all ages. i. I.e. the division of the Guelf party in Florence into the Whites and.

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Of these the former was the name of an illustrious family, several members of which had suc- cessively been Dukes of Bavaria in the tenth and eleventh centuries. Sbandeggiare, which strictly means to condemn, in a general sense, to any kind of penalty.

The word translated “races” is palio, which, strictly speaking, meant a piece of velvet or brocade given as a prize to the winner, and was then by extension used of the race itself.

They then decided to take Bibbiena themselves, and, like desperate men, prepared to do so without further deliberation. Click here to sign up. And they placed under bounds some of each party ; that is to say, of the party of the Donati, M.

He had brought his wife with him, a lady highly esteemed in Lombardy, and of great beauty. This need cause no surprise, for the connection between the Papacy and the Guelfs was not an affair of principle, or even of sentiment, but sprang merely from the fact that their in- terests had happened to coincide. The Magnates held their council in S. The dissensions in the Guelf party belong to the time immediately preceding the autumn of see Villani, vii.

For in a short time fortune changed, and they were besieged by the Florentines, insomuch that they gave their own flesh for food, allowing their limbs to be cut off [by the enemy]] in order to bring provisions to their city 1and were reduced to such straits that they ate nothing else but bread 2 till the last day [of the siege]].

The date Decembergiven by G. Compagni is more of a historian than a chronicler, because he looks for the reasons of events, and makes profound reflections on them. The laws imposed on the Priors were in effect to safeguard the property of the Commonwealth, to provide that the judicial authorities should do right to every one, and to prevent the small and helpless from being oppressed by the great and powerful.


For me, fact is always better than fiction and sometimes way more fun….

Dino Compagni

The fourteen citizens were styled Buonuomini good men. All the Ghibellines held with the Cerchi, because they hoped to receive less ill treatment from them, and all those who were of the opinion of Giano della Bella, for it seemed to them that the Cerchi had been grieved that he had been driven away 3. Dino is an abridgement of Aldobrandino or Ildebrandino.

The large houses are very beauti- ful, and better supplied with comforts and conveni- ences than those in the other cities of Italy. Thank you for helping to preserve the University’s research collections.

The jesters or buffoons, who frequented the houses of the rich, earning a dinner by their wits, were a prominent feature of Florentine society see Boccaccio, Decameron ix. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Geri Spini and his kinsmen, on account of the wrong done [to the Cerchi]] ; M. Cavalcanti, was also of their party, because he was the enemy of M. Meanwhile in Florence new Priors were elected almost unanimously by both parties. Niccola Acciaioli was made.

The quarrel made up by the intervention of the Pope The sky was covered with clouds, and the dust was very great.

In the year of the Incarnation of Christthe Guelf party bearing rule in Florence, and the Ghibellines having been driven out, there issued from a small source a great stream, namely, from a small discord amongst the Guelf party a great concord with the Ghibelline party 1. Baldo Aguglioni more properly d’Aguglionesee I. Of the fourteen members five were among those ‘ ‘ in the conspiracy against Giano. The book ends with the paradoxical alliance between White Guelphs and Ghibellines firmly cemented by their mutual hatred of the Blacks.

Bornstein pages 6 x 9 3 illus. It will be remembered that the Guelf nobles and their connections among the popolani had, as we should say, “captured” the machinery of the government, and were working the newly-established Priorate against the bulk of the popolani I.

Guido, son of M. To do good without ulterior motive is a generous and almost divine thing in itself. The former secure his favours and persuade him to ad- vance by way of Pistoja, but without entering the city August ‘. After that they went to Bibbiena, took the place and destroyed the walls. Giano had been Captain at Pistoja the year before. I have all these books except the multi-volume boring Latin set, so can lend you my Alessandra Strozzi, but guard her with your life!


The citizens remained in great discord ; some praised, others blamed him. The Guild-consuls were empowered by the Ordi- nances, at the request of any member of a Guild who had been outraged by a Magnate, to go before the Priors or any other of the executive officers of the Commonwealth, and demand redress.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Oderigo complained of this to his kinsmen and friends, and they determined to be revenged, and to beat Buondelmonte and do him shame. This enactment was subsequent to the Priorate of Giano, but its date is unknown.

Dino Compagni’s chronicle of Florence | Sharon Strocchia –

Other great things they did not achieve, but, considering their small beginning, what they did was much. He quickly understood their will and followed it.

The climate is equable, and the city is sheltered from hurtful winds ; its territory is scanty in extent, but abounds in good produce. Lis rated it it was ok Jul 12, He was killed in the battle, as stated below I. Alana White rated it liked it Nov 26, Lucino was a small sino in the territory of Como. Dino goes on to quote as an instance the case of a Buondelmonte, in which the houses of a family were destroyed as the punishment of a murder which for some reason or other did not come within the purview of the Ordinances.

After this the Florentines returned home, having gained little advantage, for the ex- pedition had involved heavy expenditure, together with personal hardships Rosso della Tosa, M. Published July florenfe by Chronocle of Pennsylvania Press first published