High-definition digital video processor that displays high-res computer and high- definition video signals with HDCP, provides a fully-customizable HD graphical. Crestron’s DVPHD-PRO high-definition digital video processor accepts up to eight source signals and displays them in up to eight scalable. Includes integrated Crestron Isys® graphics engine and touchpanel interface . DVPHD-PRO-BNC 8-Window High-Definition Digital Video Processor.

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Contact us for lowest price, sales avsupply. Crestton enhanced control, the built-in touchpanel interface TPI can transform any third-party touch screen into a full-featured Crestron Isys touchpanel including annotation functionality. Where to Buy Loading, please wait Reviews Around the Web: Video images can even fade or fly in and out over your own personalized background using digital transition effects and customizable graphics, lending enhanced flow and vibe to the total presentation.

Crestron DVPHD-PRO High-Definition Digital Video Processor Unveiled –

The DVPHD-PRO also crsstron the same vibrant and extensive graphics capabilities featured in the latest Crestron touchpanels, such as bit color, dynamic graphics, dynamic text, full-motion animation ccrestron translucent objects.

The video windows can be displayed on screen in any combination, with enhanced dynamic text capabilities for labeling each window. Dynamic text displays customized labels to automatically identify cameras, locations or sources. Nokia Sold 40 Million Smartphones in For an alternative, please contact sales.


Crestron DVPHD-PRO : multi-zone video processor

Bidirectional, up to The DVPHD-PRO can not only detect the presence of a sync signal and automatically display the source, but it can dfphd identify the type of video signal and dynamically scale the signal to the appropriate resolution. The high-performance digital video scalers and de-interlacers ensure optimal, seamless presentation displays.

Choose among a variety of effects such as fades, pans, reveals, slides and scales. High-Definition Digital Video Processor.

Up to 8 sets of 3 BNC female, each set comprising 1 auto-detecting multi-format analog video input[1]; Signal Types: In addition to Crestron V-Panel, compatible touch screen products are offered by but not limited to the following manufacturers: Dcphd, S-Video, or composite; Formats: In addition to Crestron V-Panel, compatible touch screen products cresstron offered by but not limited to the following manufacturers:.

Each window is fully-scalable and independently controllable, allowing for display at any position, size, or aspect ratio. Offering stand-alone capabilities and out-of-the-box functionality, the DVPHD-PRO does not require an external control system for configuration or operation.

Crestron DVPHD-PRO : multi-zone video processor

The new Crestron DVPHD-PRO high-definition digital video processor accepts up to eight source signals and displays them in dvhpd to eight scalable video windows simultaneously.


For more information about available models and custom configurations go to www.

Don’t miss an update! Green LCD alphanumeric, adjustable backlight; 4 lines x 40 characters per line.

Native TPI and annotation capabilities significantly improve communication and collaboration by enabling presenters to use just a fingertip to write or draw on the display or over video signals. True bit video processing and dvphf latest generation of high-definition scaling and de-interlacing ensures the highest quality video images.

This product has been discontinued. View Larger Image in new window Crestron: Daily operation and system set-up may be achieved directly from the front panel LCD or using built-in web pages displayed on any computer. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter today.

The Crestron DVPHD displays up to 8 simultaneous, full-motion video windows[3] on any high-resolution monitor, projector, or flat panel display. No thanks, it’s too soon.