with the HP Color LaserJet CPn Printer. New. HP ColorSphere toner takes . Manual (driver support provided). Sizes. Priority feed slot, sheet input. User guide • Read online or download PDF • HP Color LaserJet CPn Printer User Manual • HP Printers. Read and understand all instructions in the user guide. Observe all HP Color LaserJet CP/CP/CP Series Printers. One-year limited warranty.

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Reproduction, adaptation, or translationwithout prior written permission is prohibited,except as allowed under the copyright laws. The information contained herein is subjectto change without notice.

Table of contents1 BasicsProduct comparison HP LaserJet print supplies The Ready light is on when the product is ready to print. It blinks when the product is receiving printdata. The Attention light blinks when a print cartridge is empty or the product requires user attention. The Attention light does not blink if more than one print cartridge is empty.

Product softwareThe printing-system software is included with the product. See the getting started guide for installationinstructions. The printing system includes software for end users and network administrators, manuzl printer drivers foraccess to the product features and communication with the computer. Dp1515n a list of the network environments that the network-administrator software componentssupport, see Network configuration on page Priority for print settingsChanges to print settings are prioritized depending on where the changes are made: The names of commands and dialog boxes might vary depending on your software program.

Click Print, Print Setup, or a similar command on the File menu of the programyou are working xp1515n to open this dialog box. Settings changed in the Print dialog box have a lowerpriority and do not override changes made in the Page Setup dialog box. Open the printer driver and change the print settingsOperating SystemTo change the settings for allprint jobs until the softwareprogram is closedTo change the default settings To change the devicefor all print jobsconfiguration settingsWindowsXP,ServerandVista1.

On the File menu in thesoftware cp1515, clickPrint. Select the driver, and thenclick Properties orPreferences. The steps can vary; thisprocedure is most common. Remove software from Windows operating systems1. Click Start, and then click All Programs. Click Uninstall, and then follow the onscreen instructions to remove the software. To download a current version of HP Web Jetadmin and for the latest list of supported host systems,visit www. Understand paper and print media useThis product supports a variety of paper and other print media in accordance with the guidelines in thisuser guide.

Paper or print media that does not meet these guidelines might cause the following problems: Donot use paper or print media made for inkjet printers. Supported paper and print media sizesThis product supports a number of paper sizes, and it adapts to various media.

To obtain best print results, select the appropriate paper size and type in your print driver beforeprinting. Table Supported paper and print media sizesSizeDimensionsLetter x mm 8. Table Supported envelopes and postcards continued SizeEnvelope C x mm 6.


HP Color LaserJet CP1515n Printer User Guides

Supported paper types and tray capacityMedia typeDimensions1WeightCapacity2Paper, including thefollowing types: Special paper or print media guidelinesThis product supports printing on special media. Use the following guidelines to obtain satisfactoryresults. When using special paper or print media, be sure to set the type and size in your print driver toobtain the best print results. HP LaserJet printers use fusers to bond dry toner particles to the paper in very precisedots.

HP laser paper is designed to withstand this extreme heat. Place the media into tray 1 with the side to be printed on face-up and the top toward the product. Place a single sheet of media into the tray 1 slot, and slide the paper guides so that they are againstthe sheet.

Feed the sheet into the tray as far as it will go. ENWWPull the tray out of the product and remove any paper. Slide open the paper length and width guides. When it is loaded with Legal-size paper, the tray extends from the front of the productapproximately 51 mm 2 inches. Push down on the paper to make sure that the paper stack is below the paper limit tabs on the sideof the tray.

HP Color LaserJet CPn Printer User Guides | HP® Customer Support

Do not connect the USB cable before installing the software. The installation program will notifyyou when the USB cable should be connected. This product supports a USB 2.

Plug the network cable into the product and yournetwork connection. Network configurationTo configure network parameters on the product, use the product control panel, the embedded Webserver, or, for Windows operating systems, the HP ToolboxFX software. Set manyal the product and manuwl it on the networkHewlett-Packard recommends that you use the HP software installer on the product CD-ROM to set upprinter drivers for networks.

To access the embedded Web server, type the IP address for the product in the address lineof the vp1515n. Macintosh users can access the EWS by clicking the Utility button when viewing the printqueue.

On the control-panel menu, press OK.

HP Color LaserJet CPn Printer User Manual | pages

Use the Left arrow or the Right arrow button to select Network config. When Show IP cp151n is On, the IP address will alternately appear on the control-paneldisplay with the print-cartridge-status gauges. Restore defaults network settings 1. Press OK to restore the factory network default settings.

HP Color LaserJet CP1515n Manuals

Press X to exit the menu without restoringthe factory network default settings. When turned on, a new product that is unable to retrieve a valid IP address from the networkautomatically assigns itself a default IP address. On a small private network, a unique IP address in therange of Use features in the Windows printer driverChange the print driver to match the media type and sizeSelecting media by type and size results in maual better print quality for heavy paper, glossy paper,and overhead transparencies.

Using the wrong setting can result in unsatisfactory print quality. Alwaysprint by Type for special print media, such as labels or transparencies. Always print by Size forenvelopes.


On the File menu in the software program, click Print. If the status lights on the control panel continue to blink after you cancel a print job, the computer is stillsending the job to the product. Either delete the job from the print queue or wait until the computerfinishes sending data. The product will return to the Ready state. Create and use printing shortcuts in WindowsUse printing shortcuts to save the current driver settings for reuse.

Create a printing shortcut1. Print-quality settingsPrint-quality settings affect print resolution and toner usage. Select the driver, and then click Properties or Preferences. Select Print all Text as Black to conserve the color print cartridges. The product uses only theblack print cartridge to print black text instead of using a combination of four colors to create blacktext. You can maual use the cp1515m bar to adjust the percentage. Print a document onto a different paper size1.

On the Effects tab, click Print Document On. Select the paper size to print on. To print the document without scaling it to fit, make sure that the Scale to Fit option is not selected. Set the print orientation1.

Open the Print dialog in the software program from which you are printing. In most programs thisis done by clicking File vp1515n then Print. Click Properties or Preferences. The exact option name depends on the software program fromwhich you are printing. Click the Finishing tab. Print side one of the document.

Use features in the Macintosh printer driverWhen you print from a software program, many of the printer features are available from the printerdriver. For complete information about the features that are available in the printer driver, see the printerdriver help. Settings in the printer driver and software program generally override control-panel settings. Software-program settings generally override printer-driver settings. Next to Layout Direction, select the order and placement of the pages on the sheet.

Next to Borders, select the type of border to print around each page on the sheet. Set the color optionsUse the Color Options pop-up menu to control how colors are interpreted and printed from softwareprograms. Open the Color Options pop-up menu.

Stop a print requestYou can stop a print request by using the product control panel or using your software program. Forinstructions on how to stop a print request from manuaal computer on a network, see the online Help for thespecific network software.

It can take some time for all printing to clear after you have canceled janual print job. Stop the current print job from the product control panelPress the Cancel Job X button on the control panel. Understand control-panel featuresThe product has the following lights and buttons on the control panel: