MIGHT & MAGIC IV — CLOUDS OF XEEN Miscellaneous Facts and of other treasure H. Locations of awards I. Mirror portal keywords 4. and Magic: World of Xeen on the PC, Darkside FAQ/Walkthrough by H. Locations of awards I. Mirror portal keywords J. Maps of selected. Cheat resources for Clouds of Xeen, Darkside of Xeen and Worlds of Xeen. there’s a file called “” that contains a chart of all the keywords in all.

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To enter Sandcaster, you need a pass. Views Read Edit View history. Finally, the keyworda adds proper animated scenes. About Nikola An avid gamer, programmer and all-around geek with a dream to one day write something people actually read.

You should stop paying for tips once you have reached the 10th tip at a tavern.

Worlds of Xeen Cheats

After the last is bought, you will have no further need for Megacredits. Swimming The whole party must possess this skill to move around in shallow water without magic.

Maps of selected areas 4. Posted August 07, Cast Mass Distortion to start out with, then start mixing in Implosion spells; if you don’t have these spells you’ll have a much harder time. The training will cost a total of xsen, gold.

Might and Magic: World of Xeen [1] – Let’s Start The Game

Main entrance at E3 4,12 Pass for entry obtained at B3 7,1 1,1 grate – to Sandcaster Sewer 1,1 1,26 grate – to Sandcaster Sewer 1,26 13,9 grate – to Sandcaster Sewer 13,9 13,28 grate – to Sandcaster Sewer 13,28 27,10 grate – to Sandcaster Sewer 27,10 30,21 grate – to Sandcaster Sewer 30,21 31,16 main gate – to E3 5,12 Sandcaster Sewer: I cleared Vertigo, the first town of Cloudside and then went to Darkside in order to clear Castleview.

  LA 3121P PDF

Through a series of accomplishments, they gain access to the tower and defeat Lord Xeen. Danger Sense If at least one character has this skill, you will know if there are foes nearby. Articles using Infobox video game using locally defined parameters Articles using Wikidata infoboxes with locally defined keyworfs All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements keywwords July ID – monster ID number K – thousand M – million HP – hit points; if this is followed immediately by a letter, the monster is of a specific subtype: Two characters must have the pathfinder skill before you can walk in the forest.

At levels 6 and 7, item generation is similar, but you may not receive a missile weapon or a miscellaneous item unless one is specifically called for. Sign in Sign in Create account Sign in. The two most notable ones are Day of Sorcery and Day of Protection.

Menu Store New releases.

Roland is still alive on the Darkside. Darkside of Xeen were released close to each other, but they were still released and made as separate games. Any character may also use any charged item that can cast spells, such as a wand. Hand-picking the best kdywords gaming. Use the Jump spell to get over traps.

Retrieved 5 July View all Chatbox messages posted by Luchsen. World of Xeen, unlike the first three games, especially the first two, is very well documented. You can deposit gold and gems and you gain interest at keeywords end of each week.

Finally, an amount equal to the power level of your active Power Shield spell is subtracted. Keyeords Sense The compass feature only works if at least one character possesses this skill. In my opinion, the early games were meywords better with every iteration and World of Xeen is the peak of what Might and Magic was for me up to this point.


It can take a long time to get through the desert without a navigator.

Werewolf, Wizard Castle Basenji Level 2: Potions and scrolls may not be recharged. Barry Brenesal of PC Magazine wrote that “some fans may Some quest locations also directly check Intellect. They are even worse in melee combat than Clerics; they can equip very few weapons, and the only body armor they can equip is robes.

They turn to Darkside and, per instructions given by the Dragon Pharaoh, free Corak, who helps them finally defeat Sheltem once and for all, but sacrifices himself in the process.

Might and Magic IV: Clouds of Xeen Keywords (pdf) :: DJ OldGames

Keyworsd entrance at A1 10,4 Level 1 15,8 down stairs – to A1 11,4 Level 2 14,8 up stairs – first set dials at 0,10,1514,1 and 14,15 all to 9, then go to the giant skull at 7,8 and say “Sheltem” to go to the next level Level 3 4,8 up stairs – or Skyroad A1 9,4 Temple of Bark: The Soulbox is in the sewer under the city. ID – monster ID number K – thousand M – million HP – hit points; if this is followed immediately by a letter, the monster is of a specific subtype: Medusa Sprite, Sharla D1: Annihilator Castle Alamar Dungeon: Astrologer Druids get an extra 2 spell points per level.

Gunther, the mayor, giving the party a quest. The ,eywords are Intellect for Sorcerers, which should not exceed 24, and Intellect for Archers, Druids, and Rangers, which should not exceed In this case, there are bedrooms, xeen the tavern also serves as an inn, and tables with tavern patrons sitting around them.