ROBINSON. MODEL R44 II. SECTION 4. NORMAL PROCEDURES. FAA APPROVED: 21 OCT 4-i. SECTION 4. NORMAL PROCEDURES. CONTENTS. Pooleys Flying and Navigational products and accessories. Checklists | Robinson R44 Raven I & II | NCL | Robinson R44 Raven I & II Checklist. Free Robinson R44 Checklists to Download. The web’s largest collection of checklists.

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According to the Rasmussen risk management framework, 7 the real safety limit is usually invisible and people do not know whether the system as a whole is on the brink of disaster or far from it. Dauntless Software and any authors editors, producers, etc. Both people on board had minor injuries and were taken to hospital.

C-FNZO was substantially damaged due to the force of the impact.

Free Robinson R44 Checklists to Download

The 3 helicopters were refuelled in no particular order and each had only 1 tank refuelled. The refueller in question was new, having started working at the aerodrome in November Even though some deficiencies were identified in terms of the defences associated with the risks of fuelling errors, these defences help primarily to reduce risks.


Although RHC is not subject to Subchapter The aerodrome employees are volunteer firefighters from the town of Forestville. The pilot performed an autorotation 3 and landed on a street in a residential neighbourhood in Forestville. Bladder tanks choice please! There are over AS aircraft registered in Canada. The emergency locator transmitter did not activate following the hard landing. The technical records indicated that the aircraft was certified and maintained in accordance with existing regulations.

Aviation Investigation Report A11Q0036

Find out more on our help page. The refueller did not ask any questions, which reinforced the pilots’ belief in the refueller’s qualifications. We recommend Fleet Control for Flight Schools and operators of multiple helicopters.

Skip to main content Skip to secondary menu. Shortly thereafter, the refueller joined the pilots and their passengers inside the terminal. Also, certain ‘private browsing’ modes and similar web browser setttings may cause resources to be unreachable.

Refuellers have access to a chart, including an example: Pilot decision making PDM is a critical aspect of flight safety.

Since his training, the refueller had done 6 to 8 refuellings unassisted. Evaluating the available options involves a subjective evaluation of risks based on experience and knowledge. Weight and Balance Page Set person and baggage values in seconds using the convenient sliders.


NCL132 Robinson R44 Raven I & II Checklist

Had the refueller used a ladder to refuel the aircraft, the placards located on the fuselage would have been more visible. One of the passengers signed 2 of the invoices ravne the third one was signed by one of the pilots.

Although the price was lower than expected, neither the passenger nor the pilot noticed that Jet A-1 fuel had been used, as indicated on the invoices. This app is super helpful and great for pilots learning or instructing in Robinson Helicopters!

Transportation Safety Board of Canada – Aviation Investigation Report A11Q

Compatibility Requires iOS 9. State two 2 main characteristics of the Jet A-1 nozzle:.

You approach an aeroplane that needs to be refuelled and the pilot says, “Full fuel. None of the pilots gave any instructions, other than to fill the tanks.

Chdcklist of the refuellings done previously had been for helicopters using Jet A-1 fuel. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.