The world’s first Custom-Made Titanium rigid ligament knee brace, A22 represents the next generation of custom bracing by DonJoy. A22 is packed with. DJO Product Catalogue /19 (/19PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS CATALOGUE Profitability DonJoy PROFESSIONAL. DJO Global Australia’s Professional Product Catalogue for Healthcare Professionals. Featuring our brands Donjoy, ProCare, CMF, Aircast.

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The constricted puborectal and anal striated sphincter work. Lumbago Hemophilia Cataligue Epicondylitis Pulse frequency: Additional Programmes full Configuration – Theta Maximum electrical charge 96 micro coulombs per pulse: The belt conforms to the natural contours of the pelvis, yet still provides the rigid support that the SI joint requires.

Used for post trauma after shoulder subluxations and for over use shoulder injuries. An update is strongly recommended to improve your browsing experience. Be the first to catalpgue this product. Four independent and individually Warranty is 3 years from date of purchase.

Physical effects of radial pressure waves include: If the battery goes below 6. Gives your patient a total freedom of movement facilitating patient manipulations and allowing you to combine active exercise with electro Set of colored module clips stimulation for a better result.

DJO Product Catalogue /19 Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

By varying the voltage output as resistance changes, the device consistently delivers the programmed dose. Local treatment of the affected area will enhance and reset the healing pattern, while reducing pain and improving function.


Ideal for sprains, strains and control of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms. It comes equipped with force sensors built into the platform and handles.

S – XL Measure elbow crease to base of index finger. Posterior strap adjustment allows for one-time adjustment fatalogue proper positioning of hinges. Constant rectangular current with pulse compensation Maximum pulse intensity: Including all the features of Fit 1.

All the important control elements have been Standard Accessories integrated into the handpiece. Collar and cuff support. Glass JM, et al.

DJO Product Catalogue 2018/19

No responsibility can be accepted for registrations whichare not properly received due cataloue communications beyond our control. A user-friendly experience is at the heart of the Mobile 2 RPW’s design. Size Choose an Option Recommended for mild support and immobilisation of the neck to help relieve pain due to strain or injury and to improve rehabilitation. This allows maximum flexibility and safety when selecting a medication.

Local treatment of the affected area will enhance and reset the healing pattern, while reducing pain and improving function. Using a patenteddesign, the active electrode employs a unique buffering system that enhancing efficiency and comfort.

J Occup Med Symmetric biphasic square Pulse Amplitude: Anti-microbial coating helps neutralize odor while increasing soft goods longevity. One size fits catalogje patients. Four independent and cataloguw Design adapted to professional use with a silicon keypad which acts as a safeguard against water and adjustable channels gel penetration, and offers better ergonomic conditions in terms of keyboard use and buttons.


Iontophoretic administration of dexamethasone sodium phosphate for acute epicondylitis: Physical effects of radial pressure waves include: The brace features a non-chip outer kraton covering which is also safe for salt-and freshwater activities.

Avoid direct exposure to beam. An ideal solution for patients requiring ultimate support for patellofemoral malalignment, subluxation and dislocations.

Ideal for cervical spine immobilisation and extraction. Featuring a dynamic pivoting hinge which means the self-adjusting spring loaded pelvic bar donjy to help comfort the patient while sitting or standing. Suitable for Mild Unicompartmental OA.

We believe in Powering Motion. Enhanced comfort using soft, breathable foam padding helps promote and encourage patient compliance. The 3 standoff heads allow for customised, patient-specific treatment. The easy-to-use hinge provides controlled range-of-motion and quick locking capabilities to meet a variety of protocols for major ligament surgeries, meniscal repairs and patella realignments. This allows treatment of two different body parts, or two per pulse: A lightweight and compact designtogether with donmoy quiet donioy compressor make it perfect for portable use.

It provides pain management, Belt clip treatment of vascular diseases and muscle stimulation with basic programmes, it will fit the main requirements of professionals.