The CAG report, leaked to the press in March as a draft and tabled in Parliament in August, is a. Government auditor CAG on Friday said private firms are likely to gain Rs lakh crore from coal blocks that were allocated to them on. Overview. Coal is the most important indigenous source of energy for Indian economy with a geological reserve of 2,85, million tonne and.

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The CAG report, leaked to the press in March as a draft and tabled in Parliament in August, is a performance audit focusing on the allocation of coal blocks and the performance of Coal India in the ca period. Coal blocks allotted in transparent manner: The agency has filed 14 FIRs and two preliminary enquiries so far in this connection. The Mine Plan approval letter is pending for issuance with Ministry of Coal for more than six months,” the company said.

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Both the blocks were in Orissa and while one was over mega metric tones, the other was over mega metric tones. However, the CAG’s observation is based on a selective reading of the opinions given by the Department of Legal Affairs. The panel has members from other Ministries including Steel and Power.

But, now the new coal scam is Rs Retrieved 16 September However, allocztion Ministry of Coal went ahead for allocation of coal blocks through Screening Committee and reprt in September for allocation of 38 coal blocks and continued with this process until The issue has received massive media reaction and public repott.

A special court pulled up the CBI for not filing the final report in geport proper format in a coal scam case involving industrialist and politician Naveen Jindal and others. Archived from the original on 31 May This was a collective decision of the centre and the state governments concerned. A report of the parliamentary standing committee said that the allocation of blocks between and had repor unauthorised. The answer to this question turns on whether the Government could institute competitive bidding by an administrative decision under the current statute or whether it needed to amend the statute to do so.


Supreme Court of India.

Indian coal allocation scam

CAG defends Rs 1. The auditing body said it is “of strong opinion that there is a need for strict regulatory and monitoring mechanism to ensure that benefit of cheaper coal is passed on consumers”. However, former Minister of State for Teport Dasari Narayan Rao, also an accused in the FIR, had written a note to the then Coal Secretary and showed “undue favour” to Jindal’s firm which had misrepresented the facts regarding its “preparedness in setting up their proposed end used plant EUP “.

The CAG, Singh argued, had simply ignored the practical realities of policy implementation in their accusation that the Government did not move fast enough in transitioning to competitive bidding.

The guidelines for the Screening Committee suggest that preference be given to the power and steel sectors and to large projects within those sectors. It was further noted that the legislative changes that would be required for the proposed change would require considerable time and the process of sxam of coal blocks for captive mining could not be kept in abeyance for so long given the pressing demand for coal.

Court then issued summons cowl the six accused. Norm violated by government to favour Naveen Jindal”. Retrieved 31 May Retrieved 16 September The CAG has computed financial coall to private parties as being the difference between the average sale price and the production cost of CIL of the estimated extractable reserves of the allocated coal blocks.

Out of the sdam blocks, 24 blocks were de-allocated three blocks intwo blocks inone block inone block inthree blocks inand 14 blocks in for non-performance of production by the allocatees, and two de-allocated blocks were subsequently reallocated and to others.


August 23,4: The leaked report quoted the CAG as having estimated a windfall gain of Rs. Standing Committee on Coal and Steel tabled in Parliament on 23 April stated in its latest report that all coal blocks distributed between and were done in an unauthorized manner and allotment of all no where production is yet to start should be cancelled. Kropha and former director of Coal Ministry K. Is it a sheer coincidence that a large number of beneficiaries were either politicians or their relatives or associates?

The Draft Report covers the following topics:. Now share the story Too bad.


Now share the story Too bad. Why the Sancheti deal weakens the BJP’s attack”. This premise of the CAG is flawed. Now, we have got nothing to do with the allocation but if the government wants to take back the allocation it can do so. Bibek Debroy’s blog-The Economic Times.

Activist lawyer Prashant Bhushan, sought creation of a special investigation team to scma the case as it involved “very powerful personalities in the present government who were either in charge of the allocation process or who influenced the process to get allocation to their favoured entities”. The leak of the initial draft causes great embarrassment as the Audit Report is still under preparation.

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