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When is set face up with out the tilt bail the contrast is good. In this test I have use the function generator as to was an AC reference source, but I was interested more for the stable voltage output than the actual peak volts. Tools for truly experienced and productive human brains. Currently I am aware that BRYMEN offer spares parts, for example red and black shrouded banana inputs, and few other bits, and this is good step in the right way.

My fresh involvement about such product reviews caused a very positive impact even to my own Greek friends, which in order to help me, they offered voluntarily their own test equipment to me as loan, so to perform in depth tests with dignity.

Within a very short time frame, Crest can measure and display the Min-Max values automatically. Afterwards the meter needs to cool for 5 minutes. The banana bm689 lead tips is a new experience even for me, if you work allot with Schuko plugs, you will love the banana type test leads. I have set in series the three multimeter’s BNC connectors and RG cablesset the frequency generator bm8669 shine wave 50Hz and adjusted the output of the function generator to 7V AC.

Brymen BM869s Multimeter

Electrical test and measurement equipment reviews. It was not made by the philosophy found on the very inexpensive multimeter’s, like be an extra rubberised cover.

Part — 2 Introduction with the BM Yet, setting another new milestone in multimeter safety! Rubberise feeling on the test leads, shrouded bbrymen plugs, soft silicone on the cables, and the leads tips are convertible to: For example in the question: The BM at the Duty cycle measurement was tremendously fast, but it was operating in a single display mode in the specific type of measurement, and this fact gave to it a significant advantage in speed.

Bar-graph Well made and the fastest ever seen up to date, even the fastest fluctuation was visible, and possibly it could turn in to great assistance when you search even for ripple noise it does looks that sensitive.


I did my testing at night which the temperature were around Celsius, the BM was with the thermocouple on, and next to it was the UA, both stayed in the cold for an hour or so, this period of time was enough so the multimeters to reach internally and externally the bdymen temperature. By inspecting the BM with out the holster, I found on the top side two specially manufactured oval shaped pressure points which look like anchor points, but the rubber holster does not have anything from inside.

Holster and tilt bail The holster it is well made, and with the tilt bail open, the meter stands solid like a rock on the bench, BRYMEN had use a very wide tilt bail on it, the feeling of the total stability brings a big smile on my face.

Part — 3 Exploring the basic features. Part — 11 Build to last Even 30 years back the multimeter’s industry was capable to create well made multimeter’s, and some of them are still in use even today. You are not permitted to commercialize the information or material without seeking prior written approval from Kiriakos A.

Idle for 17 minutes APO Consumption: Read all reviews 1.

Calibrating Brymen BM-Series Multimeters – JackenHack

The UA looks to have the less aggressive filter, and rightfully it takes the third bbm869 in the specific test. Good enough in both. Now that I am writing this words we are in the hart of Decemberand I did performed this time a low temperature test. At my own test about Auto-range tolerance in the 50K Ohms range, the meter displayed 53K as max.

I would suggest to BRYMEN to take under consideration all those details, especially for multimeter’s that would be exported in the Europe. By having the function generator at hand I managed to perform one brymeh interesting test, the purpose of the Low Pass filter are to eliminate high frequencies above the 1 KHz mark, but does it? brumen

The great performance levels that this meter have shown in most tests, makes me to wish this multimeter to was had an IP67 rating. My tests shown that the flashy nrymen indicator it is nothing to be alerted about, even when this indicator becomes active all the time, the battery still have enough charge to keep bryemn meter alive for many days.

The total waiting time for its measured capacitor is relevant with his own capacity.


When the 9V battery reaches the lowest acceptable limit that is 5V at 20mA load, the BM it will reject the battery, and it will lock up displaying InErr on the main LCD, and it bryjen keep beeping all the time. And the description would be as: I am still praise the lord that Agilent came in my life, even by plain luck.

BM869 Digital Multimeter 2x LCD Bargraph41segm.60x/s 5x/s Bm869s Brymen

And this is an added plus by thinking of how affordable it is. Those parts are expendable, and also for professional measurements you will need a more appropriate set of K-type bolt-on probes, capable to operate even above the Celsius mark.

From my experiences as maintenance industrial electrician, every in depth troubleshooting of light weight equipment up to kilos, it is executed at the maintenance electrical repairs lab in the factory. Very accurate measurements can be read thanks to the ,count display that updates 5 times per second. Part — 9 Front and rear covers body design. Link to the video: Results with square wave, and max obtained stable frequency reading: The test was made by having the capacitors all ready discharged.

The continuity beeper is laud enough, and it can also be disabled if needed by a special power up option.

BM Digital Multimeter 2x LCD Bargraph41segmx/s 5x/s Bms Brymen | eBay

Now I can proudly verify that the BM it is immune until 7C. It is a fact that even today, according to: Apart from any use as permitted under Hellenic Copyright law, all other rights are reserved. Magnetic hanger I did not receive any, probably not available as accessory yet. Due the fully adjustable back light timer which can be also disabled if needed.

From the other hand if you do work in a friendlier environment with lots of natural or artificial light, probably you will never use the back light at all. Thermocouple The BM comes with one thermocouple, which has medium construction quality, by speaking about the bbrymen plugs.

Now vm869 was time to explore the unspecified territory, the results that I got are very interesting. Even so the internal construction quality of the BM it is that good, that I can simply skip the back light testing with out second thoughts. The beeper stops beeping if the resistor is over the 84 Ohms.