But apparently down this path Bob Boyce took towards TPU-like scalar energy, of precise frequency control and heterodyning, lies the ability to. (As of Nov. ), A South African experimenter has modified an electrolysis circuit developed by Bob Boyce so that now it recharges his daughter’s electric. The Bob Boyce Plate Cell & PWMG3 & Toroid Coil & Plans. Given Away to the Public, to Further Mankind. Written by Patrick Kelly. Bob Boyce is easily the.

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A few hundred milliamps at most. There was an error working with the wiki: I just received the properly wound core from Bruce, and have been attempting to fire it up in low-power pulsed mode.

Hopefully an LCD monitor will not have this connection Newer Post Older Post Home. This is still in itsinfancy, so there is much room for improvement, just be careful.

Electrostatic is related to potential voltage and frequency. Oh, and one more critical thing: With the perimeter well taped, the excess wax is removed and the windings on both sides straightened. Electromagnetic overunity There was an error working with the wiki: Only a slight twist in phase from 1 to 2, 2 to bkyce, and 3 to 1 is applied to enhance the effect.

A DC blocking capacitor may be used if required. Thanks for the precision. Both primary and secondary are in WYE.

July 26, One of the first units I tried 3 phase on was a Seike “g-strain energy absorber” that I had connected to a hand wound 3 phase air core torus coil. This means that, in most cases, you can’t simply take off the shelf waveform generators, and connect them to just any old transistors driving the coils, and expect it to work the same.


As you have foune this device is good for Hz – Khz or so with diminishing accuracy at higher frequencies. You only need one resistor and one capacitor to have a running microcontroller.

Directory:Bob Boyce Hex Controller –

September 26, Control was always the issue with that design, as it would avalanche very easy. When tuning for resonance, the first resonant frequency of the coil will beTransverse resonance.

There is a ton of jitter at most frequencies that was very hard to see on my lousy analog ‘scope. Same accuracy for phase. This will take me a while to wind and space evenly considering I get tiredeasy ;- A day and night of winding and a crude secondary was born. The field direction is down throughthe hole in the center, and up around the outside perimeter, once all of these individual little micro-fields come into alignment.

This means maintaining control over the phase interrelation of all signals involved. They are relatively small, around k or so each. It may help for all to view these devices as something that pushes the ambiant potential, which pushes back – harder – similar to what Bob has said. It is much better to start low and work your way up.

Bob Boyce TPU

If you get too much coupling,all of that potential energy can flow in an instant. It wasn’t so bad winding it clockwise, just took alittle getting used to at first ;- I do try to make accurate windings, even when they are not so critical as in these longitudinals.

All the critics just want to claim that they are faked, so I gave up on trying to tpi proof.


I turned these on the lathe so they would fit over the ends of the tubing. In pulsed mode, it is the water load doing theconversion, not the toroid itself. I know that this entire power technology sounds hocus pocus to those educated in traditional transverse energy behavior. This unfortunately required me to unplug the CRT monitor, as there is an Earth ground connection inside the monitor that was connecting the FPGA ground to Earth ground.

Air cores require too much copper for a given frequency. Difficult trying to be an aether Engineer since I can’t even spell Neanderthalz. The permeability of the core helps ensure high flux density where it is desired, but not so high of a permeability as to saturate easy. Should it be a high value DC cap or a small valued cap?

Bee’s Wax Toilet bowl wax seal from your local building supply store 3. I have attached a schematic of the coil end of my setup; I tried to keep the image size small so that you won’t have problems loading it on dial up. So the ground would be from the ground on the controller to load and positive from the one wire on the secondary. More can be had at greater risk of losing control.

As I have mentioned before, not all toroids are created equal, and some are able to tap this energy better than others. Rotational vector aspects of this this energy are very intense, and are way more dangerous than pulsed operation.