This scanning radio has been manufactured so that it will not tune to the radio frequencies assigned by the FCC for cellular telephone usage. BCDT. BCDT – Click image to view in full. Uniden’s Base/Mobile Digital . Easier to Read BCDT/UBCT Manual · BCDT User Manual · Control. BCDT – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total:

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Setting The Delay Time In addition, certain special regions and wildcard settings can be assigned.

What Is Scanning What is Searching? Also, remember that conventional frequencies and IDs are considered channels. Active IDs will appear in the display. So when you are trunktracking a system, you are listening to active IDs transmitting in the system each using the first available frequency in the system.

Head – Indicates the selected heading to the designated Dangerous Crossing from any direction. The scanner should start scanning one of the preprogrammed systems after the welcome screen disappears.

Uniden BCD996T User Manual

If the frequency has already been stored, the scanner continues to search. The currently-selected menu item is highlighted with a bar on the display. These updates can be applied by you using the supplied PC cable and the software that we will provide. Page of Go. Each alert contains information about the type and severity of the alert, as well as the specific geographic locations affected by the alert.


Remote head with volume and squelch. Press then to toggle group quick keys on or off in Scan Mode.

Uniden BCD996T Scanner User Manual

Press then Menu to go to the ‘ Edit ‘ menu for the current system in Manuao Mode. If you listen to the frequencies of an LTR system in manual mode not trunkingon every channel in the system you will hear this data burst that will sound like a short blip of static like someone keyed up and unkeyed a radio within about msec.

To toggle search bands on or off for custom searchespress the number key of the custom search. You can tell which block a Motorola ID is in by its number. The following table shows what options are available for various search modes. Select from 15 sound levels, plus Auto and Off. These range distances are also automatic and fixed. These limits are designed to mannual reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

Uniden Scanner BCDT User Guide |

The ID channel ‘Groups’ stored within the trunking systems can be used with all the sites. Set Priority conventional only This setting controls whether the scanner treats the channel as a priority channel while scanning. You can also do this by pressing and holding SQ in scan mode. San Antonio, TX Area. To toggle the attenuation for a conventional channel on or off Hold on the channel and press then 7 Att. Yes – the scanner immediately returns to the control channel when it detects the end code.


Since you can only program one trunking system per bank in a traditional scanner, and let’s say you only have 10 banks, you can only store 10 trunking systems. Auto – the scanner automatically adjusts the digital decode threshold to match the transmission you are hearing when it receives a strong signal and has a high decode rate.

To copy a system including all settings, groups, and channels: Auto Store Internet and load them into the scanner. If you press the wrong key when you press the power key to set your startup configuration, and that wrong key doesn’t have any systems assigned to that key, you will startup your scanner with all systems locked out.

Radio Reference is more user-friendly, so it’s easier to find bccd996t you’re looking for. AM — the scanner uses AM amplitude modulation for the frequency band.