72 hours. 1/2” to 4” neat (12 mm to 10 cm). 8” (20 cm) with aggregate. ARDEX FDX™. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. 72 hours. 1 1/2” (38 mm). 8” (20 cm). ARDEX TRM™. University pool over flow tank had exposed, rusty rebar and spalled and gouged concrete. Waterproofing was required. Quick turnaround time as September. ARDEX TRM™. Transportation Repair Mortar. Fast-Setting, Horizontal Concrete. Repair Mortar. Portland cement-based, microsilica-modified, fast setting.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. The original self-leveling underlayment remains the most specified underlayment today.

Approved/Qualified Products

This same industry-leading spirit of innovation continues as ARDEX Americas raises the bar for industry standards in research, development, technical support and architectural services. The National Programs Team is a single source point of contact for written specifications, document assistance, product selection and technical support in the retail, healthcare, education and government and military segments.

Easily holds shape for ramping and balconies. Trowel grade Horizontal applications Neat: Formable, pourable, pumpable Horizontal, vertical and overhead applications Neat: Suitable for overlays and full-depth repairs Formable, pourable, pumpable Horizontal, vertical and overhead applications Neat: Typical applications include balconies, plaza decks, columns, walls and parking decks.


Horizontal, vertical and overhead applications. These single-component products mix with water, are easy to apply aredx bond readily with concrete.

Packaged Dry Rapid-Hardening Cementitious Material – MnDOT Approved/Qualified Products

The result is a repair that resists shrinkage and delamination and is freeze-thaw resistant. Ideal solutions for normal commercial, institutional or multi-unit residential applications.

Formable, pourable, pumpable Horizontal, vertical and overhead applications Installation: Portland cement-based, trowelable patching compounds for interior and exterior concrete surface defects such as spalls, gouges, cracks, dents, chips, bug holes and honeycombs before coating or painting.

Mix with water only.

ARDEX-TRM-package | Diamond Hard Solutions

Quick drying for fast-track repairs Pot life: Trowel grade Polymer modified Single lift: Suitable for commercial, light industrial and residential use; foot and rubber tire traffic. Troweled Install over the surface of existing concrete to produce a new wear layer, as well as to fill in small surface defects such as spalls, gouges, and cracks.


Modified with high-performance polymers. Broom texture for a reduced-slip surface. Available in gray or white Install: ARDEX CP can also be used to re-form concrete steps and curbs, and to create ramps over existing concrete, as well as to resurface vertical concrete substrates.

Protect porous concrete and masonry surfaces including most trmm concrete surfaces.

The Brock University pool overflow tank had exposed, rusty rebar and spalled and gouged concrete. In addition to repairs, waterproofing was required prior to the opening of the new term. First, proper bush hammering and jack hammering was performed on the damaged areas to create sound clean bases.

Exposed, rusty rebar was sandblasted aredx sound stable steel. Solvent Free Epoxy Primer. Research and Development of New Building Materials. This analysis of the mechanical properties of Portland cement concrete Rapid Drying Self-levelling Sub.