When Aldo published his book Double Decker (routines with two decks of cards) little did he know what he was getting into. He really enjoyed studying the. Ten more routines with two decks of cards CONTENTS DOUBLE S ENTENDRE Ken Krenzel Two decks and two spectators Every action is performed with the. Ten more routines with two decks of cards Contents TWO-DECK CARD TRICK U F Grant A spectator shuffles a deck and picks a card You count to the value of.

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The Other Brothers First, I really enjoyed studying the routines and consequently I went into a frenzied quest for more. It is amazing how many I found! Second, if someone out there thinks that magicians do doubble like routines with two decks of cards, they had better change their minds quick because that above mentioned book is certainly becoming one of my best sellers.


The Magic Cafe Forums – Double Decker Two – by Aldo Colombini

For both reasons, I am happy I started to adventure into this fascinating world of magic with two or three decks of cards. Here’s a new collection an outstanding one if you allow me to say so of routines using two or three decks of cards.

If you have idea or routine you want to share, please send it to me. Maybe we will be able, together, to produce a third volume on the subject. Meanwhile, have fun studying the routines and, above all, performing them all for your audiences.

Pages 24 – 8. Subscriptions Top Inventors 1.

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DOUBLE DECKER VOL 1 by Aldo Colombini

The End by Dkuble. Suit Cut to Orde. Marked Cards reviews. Little Door by R. Where It Has To. We’re proud to let you read our mail.


Double Decker 1 (download DVD)

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