procedures for installing and wiring the SYSDRIVE 3G3FV-j-CUE/EF3HV-j-CUE Please read this manual thoroughly and handle and operate the product with. The SYSDRIVE 3G3FV is OMRON’s new special-purpose inverter. It provides the harmony between performance, versatility, and simplicity. Using a unique. Manuals and User Guides for Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3FV. We have 1 Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3FV manual available for free PDF download: User Manual.

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Setting Function Inverter power-on time. Page Chapter 6 Advanced Operation The speed limit value is set by the input voltage maanual frequency reference voltage terminal Clear the recorded user defaults. If the maintenance period is extended, it is recommended that the ambient temperature be lowered and that the power-on time be reduced as much as possible.

The acceleration time is too short. Page Chapter 5 Basic Operation Note 1. Replace the faulty component. Table of Contents Open-loop Vector Control Chapter manuzl Advanced Operation Unlike other parameter settings, the external fault settings have an input procedure, as shown in the following diagrams.

VSG Page 33 – Chapter 2. Wiring Around The Main Circuit manjal Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Parameter Settings The following table shows the setting information for the multi-function janual. Increase this setting if vibration or hunting occur. Chapter 6 Advanced Operation When this parameter is set to 3, in contrast to a setting manaul 0, the deceleration time is automatically prolonged with main axis overvoltage OV easily detected.

After the basic settings common to all of the control modes are introduced, the basic set- tings specific to each control mode will be explained. Run Source And Responsiveness Settings Setting The Zero-speed Operation Parameters Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Electronic Thermal Time Characteristics In this example, L is set to 1 minute, the motor is operating at 60 Hz, and general-purpose motor characteristics are used.


Actual Load Mankal Page 31 Chapter 1 Introduction H Protection Setting for Motors for Vector Control Parameter E A special protection setting has been provided for vector-control motors, which have high resistance to overloads even at low speeds. The load may be too big. Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Note 1. Set the parameter if manul slip compensation is required in the constant output area where the operating frequency is as high as or higher than the rated frequency.

The vibration will be reduced as the integral time I is lengthened.

Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3FV Manuals

Chapter 4 Trial Operation Check the values on the motor nameplate and set amnual of the parameters. Modified Constants Mode Option Parameters f The acceleration time C is a parameter in program mode. It is not serviceable at V-class, 5 kW, or V-class, 15 kW, or less. Motor speed Hz Note If C is set to 0.

Multi-function Input Settings h Through H This manual provides descriptions for the English mode. Speed Agree Width L Got it, continue to print. Not doing so may result in electrical shock or fire. The 3G3FV has a stall prevention function and an automatic torque boost function, but the motor responsiveness limit may be exceeded if acceleration is too rapid or if the load is too big. Table of contents General Precautions Chapter 5 Basic Operation Set whether majual A or phase B leads when the motor operates in the forward direction.

Measuring the Step Response Waveform Use the following procedure to measure the step response waveform.

Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3FV Manuals

Normally open or normally closed Detection mode: Chapter 1 Introduction The 3G3FV allows the following three kinds of 3g33fv levels to be set in order to further simplify pa- rameter setting.


These function groups are known as modes. Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Increase the setting in C if vibration occurs when operating with a light load.

Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Flux Vector Control This section summarizes the functions that can be used with flux vector control vector control with PG feedback and then provides detailed explanations of the functions that are specific to flux vector control. Press the Menu Key to display the operation mode, and enter the drive mode by pressing the Enter Key.

Information is organized by application area to enable you to use the manual more efficiently. DC braking is used to prevent the motor from rotating due to inertia or external forces when the Inverter is stopped. Chapter 2 Installation Installing a Magnetic Contactor If the power supply of the main circuit is to be shut off because of the sequence, a magnetic contactor can be used instead of a molded-case circuit breaker.

Terminal Parameter Lists Summary Of Common Control Functions The Inverter will start operating with the run command input again in drive mode.

It displays the rotational speed of a machine or the line speed. Chapter 6 Advanced Operation The following 3gf3v shows the relationship between the output torque and each torque limit.


Not doing so may result in fire. Chapter 1 Introduction H Protection Setting for Motors for Vector Control Parameter E A special protection setting has been provided for vector-control motors, which have high resistance to overloads even at low speeds. Feedback loss detection enabled.

Minor Fault Detection